Scientists: It’s New Era In Space Research

Using ground and space-based telescopes, a global team of scientists was ‘ at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica.

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Members of the science community are proclaiming a new era in space research after discovering the first verified source of a super-energetic subatomic particle called a high-energy neutrino.
Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University say that these neutrinos contain energies that are thousands to millions of times greater than those generated by particle colliders/accelerators such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s (CERN) Large Hadron Collider, located on the border between France and Switzerland

In this artistic composition, based on a real image of the IceCube Lab at the South Pole, a distant source emits neutrinos that are detected below the ice by IceCube sensors, called DOMs. (IceCube/NSF)

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Here’s Why IceCube’s Neutrino Discovery Is a Big Deal

Scientists have spotted a high-energy, incredibly tiny "ghost" particle called a neutrino flying through Antarctic ice and traced its origins back to a specific blazar, they announced today, July 12.

Physicists are very excited about the detective work that has told them about the neutrino's birthplace. But what the heck is a neutrino anyway, and why does it matter where the thing came from?

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