Softball player reflects on sexuality in sports, teamwork

“Playing in this sport and being around the same people every day who a ‘ “I think about how much we, as girls and women, waste being ashamed,”

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ALL PARISH: Ouachita’s McGuire becomes go-to player for Lady Lions

Niya McGuire’s evolution as a basketball player went beyond the court. The 2019 Ouachita Citizen Girls Basketball Player of the Year had a different attitude, change in status and more appropriate reception as a senior Ouachita Lady Lion.

Over the course of one year, McGuire went from missing half of her junior year with an injury, to battling the frustrations of feeling under appreciated to reaching star status and earning District 2-5A MVP.

* * *

‘We weren’t always working together as a team, but as the season went on, we just started talking more and trusting each other,’ said McGuire, reflecting on Ouachita’s 2018-19 season where the Lady Lions went 27-5 and reached the quarterfinals.

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Gender vs Gym: The issue with co-ed gym classes

The North Penn logo located in the navy gym. Last year, the boy’s and girl’s gym were changed to the Navy and Columbia gym.

* * *

On June 23, 1975, the amendment Title IX went into effect, stating that ‘no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance,’ which resulted in single-sex gym classes transitioning into co-ed gym classes. Amidst the gender-equality-era where women are just as capable as men, both sexes have differing fitness interests and capabilities, so why force someone to participate in an activity that will not benefit them?

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2019 Summer Camp Guide – Santa Barbara Independent

With the help of this annual guide, I sent my son (22 years old) and daughter (about to graduate high school) to various summer camps over the years, including the Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, martial arts, surf and volleyball camps, the zoo, and more. I can honestly say that they never wanted to go but they ended up having long days of memorable experiences laughing, meeting new friends, and learning new things.

For this year’s guide, we’ve compiled a list of more than 200 camps, including old favorites such as the Boy & Girls Club, Parks & Rec, and the YMCA, and new camps such as Make A Pizza! Camp, Seaglass Summer Camp, and Summer Ice Hockey School, in categories from arts and outdoor to special needs, spiritual, and sports with daily, half-day, and full-day fun.’

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Young Florence will rely on teamwork this softball season

Florence’s Stephanie Coble pitches against Gateway Regional High School in a scrimmage game on March 29. Photo by Thomas Wiedmann

Playing as one team may be the answer when the youthful Florence Township High School softball team enters the spring with questions regarding its inexperience.

Now in her sixth year as head coach for Florence, Alyssa Laird said she looks forward to this upcoming season, which she believes holds much potential for achievement as long as her players emphasize on teamwork.

‘I’m excited, and I have a good outlook for them,’ Laird said. ‘I think that if they work together and come together as a team ‘ really rely on each other and trust each other, we can do big things.

Author: Thomas Wiedmann Staff Writer
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