Sports brief: West Perry girls’ basketball need a turnaround

The West Perry girls’ basketball team is in a downward spiral. The Mustangs need to stop it before their season spins out of control. On Dec.

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On Dec. 27 at Northeastern, West Perry fell to Elizabethtown 48-31 in the Bobcats’ holiday tournament.

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West Perry, which opened the season with three wins, has now lost three straight games and five of its last six. The Mustangs have dropped to No. 15 in the District 3 4A rankings. Ten teams qualify for the postseason.

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The numbers (30 percent shooting and 17 TOs) were slightly better against Columbia, but not good enough to secure the win.’

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In case you are keeping track:

US&J 2018 Local Sports in Review, Part 1 LOCKPORT SAYS HELLO, GOODBYE IN 2018 – Lockport Union

US&J FILE PHOTOAmer Abdallah is raised by his followers, after capturing the World Kickboxing Association Cruiserweight championship of the world in Lockport back in May of 2016.

It was a year of fond farewells in the Lockport area, for both people, institutions and in many cases, records themselves, in 2018.

It was also a year of new beginnings, as Lockport said hello to a new, artificial-turf football field at Max D. Lederer Stadium and the construction of two turf baseball fields on Beattie Avenue.

Lockport High School said hello to several new coaches, including Trait Smith (football), Bill Morello (wrestling), Lou Cercone (golf), Erik Musto (ice hockey), Stephen Kojsza (tennis, girls volleyball) and Alexa Barrancotta (cross country assistant), while we said goodbye to some important local records, thanks to guys like J.J. Napoli (golf) and Malik Brooks (high school football).

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Sports dreams that came true in 2018 | Articles | News |

The Wednesday Journal sports year in review invariably features inspirational stories, provided mostly by OPRF and Fenwick high school athletes. Kids like Jake Rundell and Jacob Kaminski, who won state championships in wrestling for OPRF and Fenwick, respectively, come to mind.

However, if you’re looking for something truly out of the ordinary, check out Scott Foster’s incredible story below. The unassuming Oak Parker bats leadoff in our 2018 lineup of memorable stories.

* * *

Scott Foster will never forget March 29, 2018. After finishing a typical day as an accountant at Golub Capital, the 36-year-old Oak Park resident spent the evening making his improbable NHL debut as emergency goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center.

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The Sturgeon Bay city council is soon to settle a pending lawsuit filed by developer Robert Papke for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before that settlement takes place, taxpayers who ultimately foot the payout bill are entitled to some answers.How was Robert Papke misled and by whom? The answers to those questions are just as important as any provision in a settlement agreement with Papke.He claims to have had rose petals thrown at his feet. If he was misled, lied to and kept in the dark about the ability to build the proposed Sawyer Hotel on the west-side waterfront, courts will probably rule against the city and in favor of Papke. Sturgeon Bay taxpayers will be footing the bill for those rose petals thrown at Papke’s feet. The cost will be in a settlement for several hundreds of thousands of dollars and higher insurance premiums for the city’s future coverage. Before the money flows questions should be answered.Who in city government and the office of Door County Economic Development said what to Papke and when? As the city council continues to mull over settlement discussions in closed session after closed session one wonders if the names of those making promises to Papke will be disclosed with the same transparency as his incurred expenses for which he demands reimbursement.The settlement talks are taking place behind closed doors in secret. The very least the public deserves when this is resolved is to know who in city government and the office of Door County Economic Development is responsible for another big dollar lawsuit and stain on the reputation of Sturgeon Bay. Who said what to Papke and when did they say it?That’s my opinion. I’d like to hear yours.

North Iowa’s 95 most popular letters to the editor in 2018: Baseball, Mohawks, Trump and King

Returning after nearly half a century, I am baffled. So before I got back to whence I came, I’ll throw by 50 cents worth in. Mason City’s economy is nonexistent. If y’all want to kick-start Cerro Gordo (fat hill), I’d suggest the economic development council hire a jam-up grant writer instead of raising utilities and taxing the middle class for all these past foo-pas your city’s council seems to dream up.

That bottle bill is no longer working. Use a closed-down plant or factory and build a state-of-the-art recycling facility. Get some people working and get rid of these flies!

Use that boarded up Marshal and Swift building a nonprofit alternative education program. Teach vocational skills, small-engine repair, welding, plumbing and such. Use Patrick’s Place as a culinary school for healthy foods, growing herbs and seasonal veggies.