Sports carmaker McLaren achieves record

Global sales rose to 4,806 cars in 2018, up 43.9 per cent on 2017, another record for the company which has increased sales every year since its formation in 2010.

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Global sales at British luxury sportscar brand McLaren reached record-breaking levels last year, thanks to growth in the UK, North American and Chinese markets.

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In North America, the company’s biggest single market which contributes a third of all global sales, the company celebrated selling its 5,000th car, while European sales rose 44.2 per cent.

It was China, however, that saw the biggest growth, at 122.5 per cent, following the introduction of the 570S Spider and 720S. China now accounts for almost seven per cent of total global sales.

McLaren chief executive Mike Flewitt said: “Record sales highlight what a momentous year 2018 was for McLaren Automotive when over 4,800 cars left our production centre. That compares to 1,650 in 2015 showing the remarkable expansion in just three years as we work to consolidate growth to 6,000 cars a year by the end of our Track25 business plan.

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