Teenage YouTube. Gage Gillean — the 17-year-old son of private equity firm founder Tim Gillean, according to the

[ Teenage YouTube star crashes dad’s rare $3.4 million sports car ]
He is sooo grounded. A teenage YouTube star from Texas was showing off his rich dad’s $3.4 million car when he crashed the ultra-rare ride into a tree, according to wild footage and reports.

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Gage Gillean ‘ the 17-year-old son of private equity firm founder Tim Gillean, according to the Daily Mail ‘ was driving the custom-made purple Pagani Huayra Roadster in Dallas when he lost control and mangled the whip, the teen said on Instagram.

Gillean, who also shared photos of himself in an arm sling, blamed the crash on low tire pressure and said he suffered minor injuries.

The exotic, Italian-made sports car features a carbon-fiber cabin and can zoom up to 60 mph in 3 seconds. Only about 100 have been released worldwide, according to carbuzz.com

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YouTuber finds ‘1m fleet of classic cars in garage

A dust-covered collection of rare and vintage prototype cars worth ‘1 million has been discovered by an astonished urban explorer in a garage in the Home Counties.

A prototype Bristol Bullet, a Bentley Continental Flying Spur and a 1957 vintage Beardmore taxi were among the extraordinary treasure trove.

They were found by a’YouTuber, who gave his name only as Ben, who said he had known about the turreted complex for several years, and had noted its boarded-up windows and overgrown grounds.

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A 2016 prototype of the Bristol Bullet, which was designed to mark the company’s 70th birthday but was never sold, has been estimated at ‘250,000

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Zelda Williams slams Eric Trump for resurfacing late dad Robin’s riff on Joe Biden: ‘Look up what he said about your Dad’

The 30-second clip that Eric posted saw Robin, on stage at Washington D.C.’s DAR Constitution Hall, making fun of Barack Obama’s then-vice president. He called the now-presidential hopeful Biden, known for his verbal gaffes, ‘always ramblin’ Joe Biden. Joe says s h** that even people with Tourette’s [syndrome] go, ‘No.’ … Joe is like your uncle who is on a new drug and doesn’t have the dosage right.’

But Robin, a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party, went after Donald too. While doing standup in 2012, the Oscar winner described the then-Apprentice reality star as a ‘scary man,’ quipping that the real estate developer ‘plays monopoly with real f***ing buildings.’

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