The 10 Cheapest New Cars to Insure in 2020

When you buy a car, the sticker price is just the beginning of your costs. Your auto insurance premiums will siphon more dollars away from your wallet for as long as you own the vehicle.

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For that reason, it’s important to know how much it costs to insure a car before you purchase one. For 2020 models, the cheapest car to insure is likely to share three characteristics, according to a recent report by

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Those are all factors that ‘insurance companies love,’ says Michelle Megna, editorial director for

She goes on to note that Jeep vehicles are the ‘big winner’ in the study based on average costs in each state. In 27 states and the District of Columbia, one of two Jeep 2020 models ‘ the Wrangler Black and Tan or the Wrangler Freedom ‘ was the cheapest vehicle to insure.

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Many things are taking place:

The 10 Cheapest New Cars to Insure in 2020

Based on national average costs, however, the cheapest 2020 model-year car to insure is the Mazda CX-3 Sport. The national average rate for this vehicle is $1,324 annually.

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Some people find the process of shopping for car insurance to be too stressful. If this sounds like you, consider letting someone else do the comparison shopping for you.

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More than 600 drugs ‘ including these commonly prescribed meds ‘ have seen price hikes so far this year.

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Even if it seems you save a bundle buying Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand products, they may not be the bargain they appear to be.

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The 20 most expensive cars to insure in 2020

July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. Learn about the insurance trends and explore ways to prevent vehicle theft.

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Australia’s Best Value Cars 2021: the winners

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve rolled out the winners and podium-placers who’ve received a gong for offering Australia’s best value cars for 2021.

It’s not based solely on a test drive or a walkaround, either; rather, it’s based on hard data – and a lot of it!

But there are still terrific options around, including some that charge you more to get behind the wheel but save you money once you’re there.

The’Suzuki Swift‘isn’t the cheapest in its class (the’MG3‘for example comfortably beats it) nor likely to hold its value as well as others (the’Honda Jazz‘wins there).

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These Are The Cars And SUVs That Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive To Insure For 2020

If you’re hunkering down at home sitting at the computer, perhaps you might want to spend some down time researching what may be your next car, truck, or sport-utility vehicle. That can be especially helpful if you’re one of the nearly 4.1 million U.S. consumers with vehicle leases that are set to expire in the coming months. If your need is especially urgent, auto dealers are embracing online transactions like never before, and can even arrange ‘touchless’ home delivery for added peace of mind.

As we so often preach, to get what will amount to the best deal over time, be sure to consider the various costs of long-term ownership, including depreciation, fuel economy, and insurance premiums. It’s true that the latter are largely based on a motorist’s personal factors including age, gender, marital status, address, and driving record that cannot be easily changed. But they also depend on which vehicle you drive, and that’s a variable over which you have 100 percent control.

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CarInsurance Finds Cheapest New Cars to Insure by State

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –‘Auto insurance rates vary significantly between states for a given driver profile and vehicle model.‘helps consumers assess the total cost of ownership by providing state-specific average insurance cost information for 2020 model cars.

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The report includes a searchable and sortable table showing the make, model and style of the lowest-cost 2020 cars to insure by state, along with the average premium. Highlights of the lowest cost autos to insure across the largest number of states include:

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