Car Reliability poll, it scored an ‘appalling’ one star out of five for dependability for vehicles

[ The ‘65,000 Range Rover Sport is the least reliable new car you can buy ]
If you forked out over ‘64,425 on a new car, you’d expect it to be pretty reliable. However, a new survey of 44,

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However, a new survey of 44,000 UK drivers has found that Land Rover’s ultra-posh Range Rover Sport SUV is the least dependable new model on the market.’

According to the latest Which? Car Reliability poll, it’scored an ‘appalling’ one star out of five for dependability for vehicles less than three years old, positioning it at the bottom of the reliability standings for a second year running.

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Future classics: eleven used performance SUVs set to increase in value

The performance SUV isn’t a new phenomenon, but a near insatiable appetite for high-riding and off-road capable cars has led to a boom in recent years.’

With so much choice, however, which models are most likely to see a return on your investment?’We asked the experts at automotive data company Cap HPI to pick eleven cars that have the potential to become collectors’ items.

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2020 Cars Getting the Most Buzz – Yahoo Finance

So, even if you just want to stash some names for the next time you’re shopping for a used car, taking a look at the 2020 models getting the most buzz can be a great way to find the car you’ll be driving for the next decade.

Cadillac is launching the all-new XT6 for the 2020 model year in an effort to offer a more modestly sized alternative to its wildly popular Escalade. And, based on the early returns, Cadillac might have hit the bullseye: Edmunds describes the fuel economy as ‘excellent’ for its size and the third row of seats as being large enough for adults.

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Range Rover review: why this British beast is no longer king of the road

Once, it was all so simple. If you wanted a luxury car, you chose a Rolls, or a Jag, or a Bentley. If you wanted a 4×4, you bought a Land Rover, or a Land Cruiser, or a Shogun. And if you wanted both in one car? Well, you bought a Range Rover, and that was the end of it.

The Range Rover has had a chequered history. Born in 1970 as the brainchild of Spen King and Gordon Bashford, it became the ultimate expression of rural British luxury in automotive form. Then the 1990s came along; the original Range Rover became the P38, and things slipped a bit, its Metrocab-esque styling and parts-bin interior causing some buyers to question whether this really was the luxury car they wanted.

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