The crypto-future is female: bitcoin innovators push for inclusion

Because it so new we, as women, can really make a lot of headway and progress in changing the future,’ she said.

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‘Satoshi is female’ was one of the more pervasive slogans at Consensus 2018, the world’s largest blockchain conference that saw thousands of crypto-believers descend on midtown New York for a packed, three-day meet-and-greet last week.

Satoshi refers to Satoshi Nakamoto, the still mysterious creator of Bitcoin who has never been identified but who, nonetheless, is credited as the founding father of cryptocurrency, or a digital form of money, and blockchain, a public and uneditable system for recording transactions. Both developments are hailed by their evangelists as potentially revolutionary technological tools.

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Women In Blockchain And Crypto: How To Tackle Gender Inequality

There is a gender gap in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tech industries. Why are there so many more men than women in crypto, and what can women do to get more invested and involved?
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The percentage of women invested and involved in cryptocurrency is far lower than that of men. This could be confirmed by numerous surveys and research studies

So what exactly do the participation statistics reveal, and what could women do to get more involved in the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industries?

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The first rule of being a woman in crypto is you do not talk about being a woman in crypto

In February, in a pastel-colored room of The Wing in Soho, New York, Amber Baldet, the now-former blockchain lead at JPMorgan Chase, was spreading her gospel to a rapt audience of women: Cryptocurrencies and their underpinning technology will dramatically transform the world.

For those who believed women were being sidelined in this new industry, Baldet, now starting her own company, had a message: wrong. Women just weren’t being publicly recognized for their work.

For months, through interviews and media coverage, I had heard a similar refrain: Ambitious women were leading and shaping the blockchain industry, only to have skewed media coverage obfuscate their contributions.

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Bitcoin Bros – Meet The Women On The Block

Armed with a shoestring budget and a handful of dedicated volunteers, they organized WOTB, a one-day blockchain conference featuring all-women panels. This first-of-its-kind event boasts another first: an on-site educational children’s program focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Additionally, all proceeds will be donated to support women in technology.

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The response to WOTB from the global community has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only are women flying in from across the United States, but also from more than ten countries, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, China and Australia. They will speak and attend the conference, which kicks off the much anticipated Blockchain Week New York City.

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