The Future of Interactive Sports on a Brooklyn Race Course

An electric-car race in Brooklyn over the weekend highlighted the future of live entertainment and fan engagement.

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An electric-car race in Brooklyn over the weekend highlighted the future of live entertainment and fan engagement. High-speed data and ubiquitous connectivity are changing everything, including sports.

The event was the 2019 ABB (ticker: ABB) Formula E race, run through the streets of Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood.

In its fifth season, Formula E is an all electric, open-wheel racing series with 13 races and 11 teams fielding 2 cars each. Speeds can hit 170 mph, and the electric cars produce sounds more akin to a Star Wars battle scene than a traditional car race.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

There Is No Reason to Cross the U.S. by Train. But I Did It Anyway.

As I quickly learned, there are no passenger rail routes that cross the entire United States in a single trip, nor are there likely to be any soon. Even proponents of the high-speed railway systems much lauded in Asia and Europe (and tentatively proposed in Congress’s Green New Deal resolutions) generally give the competitive edge to planes for travel across distances greater than 600 miles. At present, reaching California by rail from New York requires at least two trains, one of which will depart from New Orleans or Chicago, all of which, like most lines operated by Amtrak, have names so sumptuously picturesque (Maple Leaf, Coast Starlight, Sunset Limited) they make the storybook ‘Polar Express’ sound as sterile as ‘Amtrak’ by comparison. To book tickets, a person must first complete a battery of tests measuring her patience, hand-eye coordination and aptitude for deductive mathematical reasoning, in the guise of Amtrak’s impossible-to-use online trip planner. (While the trip planner cannot identify the train station nearest to an address, or even a city, it can tell you the name of the city you have already typed into its search bar, provided there is an Amtrak train station there.) The fastest way to complete this slow journey is to take the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago’s Union Station, then board the Southwest Chief to Los Angeles, one of sunny Southern California’s much-hyped premier attractions.

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Forty Under 40 – SportsBusiness Daily

The leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and groundbreakers of our 20th class join a respected and accomplished group of sports industry executives. For 20 years, Sports Business Journal has recognized 40 executives under the age of 40 who are making an impact and shaping an industry. We are proud to share their stories.

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Christopher Benyarko’s path to the NBA didn’t flow through an internship, wasn’t championed by an industry insider, or even influenced by any prior sports experience.

Instead, he took a most conventional road to the NBA by answering an ad on The tech-savvy Benyarko joined the league in 2004 after he had earned his master’s degree in engineering from Cornell and worked briefly in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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