The Toyota Land Cruiser Tops The List For New Cars Kept The Longest

The study found 8.4 years to be the average length of ownership across all the cars surveyed and the top ten is almost evenly split between sports cars and SUVs.

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As far as sports cars go, the Corvette is one of the more basic, simple machines in the segment. That’s not to take away from the outstanding performance it commands, but the GM LS engine under the hood is one of the more dependable and easily serviceable power plants on the market. A relatively low-maintenance performance car is a rare occurrence and probably makes a good case for itself, encouraging owners to keep it around longer.

Not only are some Audi TT owners at the mercy of the seasons if they opt for the convertible, Ly also made a note to say ‘Because sports cars aren’t typically used as primary vehicles, owners likely aren’t as concerned with having the latest and greatest technology and safety features.’ With one practical car likely already in the stable, the TT fills the role of the ‘fun’ car, so trading in or upgrading for sensibility probably isn’t a concern.

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New study shows cars drivers keep the longest in El Paso

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The 10 Awesome Cars That Owners Keep Longer Than Others

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The website iSeeCars has released data on what vehicles owners keep the longest. It’s a formidable list of cars, trucks and SUV. Owners, it seems, really love their robust family SUVs and charming two-seat sports cars. (Many of them are favorites of Gear Patrol readers and writers alike, suggesting perhaps that we all have excellent taste.)

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2019 Toyota Land Cruiser New Dad Review: Big, Capable, and Outdated

Yet despite the staggering sticker, the Land Cruiser continues to do what it has always done, regardless of interior finery: kick ass off-road. That’s why NATO and the United Nations use them in war zones.

Toyota’s big SUV looks unassuming from a few yards away, but once you climb inside and look out across its bulging hood, its bigness is palpable. The Land Cruiser hasn’t changed a whole lot since the early ’80s. Sure, it’s gained about 1,300 pounds, but unlike most modern versions of older vehicles, interior space hasn’t been all that compromised by structural and technological advancements.’

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Toyota Supra 2019 waiting list tops 12 months – Car News

Sports car buyers have formed at least a year-long queue for the reborn Supra, with Toyota Australia confirming demand is outstripping its 280-unit allocation for the first 12 months of sales.

Even before pricing has been fixed, Supra’s demand is looking like topping that of the previous winner of Toyota’s waiting-room endurance race, the 86 that arrived in 2012 with an 18-month wait.

Toyota has confirmed there are 280 units up for grabs initially, while the second allocation is expected to bring in more.

Supra is expected in showrooms ‘ briefly ‘ in the third quarter this year. Pricing has not been released by Toyota yet, but it is expected to start around $80,000 plus on-road costs.

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