The world’s best sports car?

WHEN I tested Mazda’s fourth-generation MX-5 in mid-2017, not long after its launch, I gave it five stars. It’s still the only car to achieve the maximum road test score.

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WHEN I tested Mazda’s fourth-generation MX-5 in mid-2017, not long after its launch, I gave it five stars. It’s still the only car to achieve the maximum road test score. At the time, motoring editor Richard Blackburn queried my generosity. There’s no such thing as the perfect car, he argued, and the Mazda has a few faults.

True, but five stars doesn’t mean perfection. In a market where every class has fragmented into ever smaller, more specialised niches to meet the diverse requirements of customers, a car that scores highly in our road tests is one that nails its brief and delivers exactly what its owners expect of it. At the right price, of course.

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The Audi A4 versus the Audi S5 reviewed’sometimes less is more

Neither car is a stranger to these pages. We first drove the A4 sedan back in 2016 at its launch, proclaiming it “for nerds, by nerds.” Our first taste of the more powerful, more expensive S4 sedan and S5 coupe came a year later, as did our first drive of the Sportback, a sleeker, yet practical, five-door alternative to the sedans. First drives are certainly informative, but you’ll learn a lot more living with a car for a week than you will sharing it for the day with another auto journalist. And over the summer, I had the opportunity to really get to know these four-ringed siblings.

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Top 10 Best Sports Cars 2018 – Autocar

The term sports car is a vague one. Yes, they need to be fast, have a vivacious engine and be engaging when you want to enjoy yourself, but there are so many niches within the term.

You have some which are so focussed on the sports element that they resemble stripped out track cars made for the road, while others are lovingly crafted and place comfort and luxury above the traditional callings of a sports car.

Even how they deliver their thrills are different, with some manufacturers making the engine the shining star, while others focus on balancing and fine-tuning to make the cars shine when the road gets twisty. Regardless of the approach, we have done the tough job of crafting’a list of the best ten sports cars currently on sale to help you decide.

Best Racing Games 2018: the top racing titles that’ll have you ready to race

The racing game genre has been around almost as long as there have been video games and machines to play them on. And with very good reason. What better way to experience driving fast without the risk of a big crash or a speeding ticket?’

While in the early days a blob of 8-bit pixels that vaguely resembled a Ferrari counted as realism, in the current generation we are spoiled for choice in how we get our high-speed kicks.’

Hyper-realistic graphics, more detailed physics than ever and higher levels of immersion ‘ aided by the rise of VR ‘ are all features of the top titles right now. And for those who prefer their racing to be more arcadey and over-the-top, there’s plenty out there for you too.’

2018 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Review – Top Gear

People carriers aren’t very fashionable. On the other hand Mercedes, more than most, should be able to make a decent fist of their template. It’s all about roomy, comfy, passenger-first’travel.

So here’s another generation of B-Class. The first two have quietly done decent business ‘ 1.5 million of the things have been sold since 2005. It’s just that no-one seems to have noticed, which says a’lot.

People pay high prices for their B-Classes and want high-end equipment. So it can be had with any amount of the fancy cabin and driver-assist technology that gets headlines in the sister’A-Class.

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