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Top 10 Best Japanese Sports Cars on Sale Today

September 7, 2019

Today’s Japanese rally car for the road may not be as tech-savvy as some competitors, but that means it’s perhaps less digitally filtered than the others.

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We know what you’re thinking: Is this really a Japanese sports car? We say yes; it’s got a Toyota badge on the bumper, BMW-stamped parts behind it be damned. Regardless of nationality, it’s an awesome car to drive, with a turbocharged inline-six and fantastically balanced chassis. The naysayers will be there as long as the Mk V Supra remains on sale, but we’ll simply point to the numbers and remind them that it beat out esteemed competitors born and bred in the land of its, ahem, cousin.

Publisher: MotorTrend
Date: 2019-09-07T08:00:08.000Z
Twitter: @MotorTrend
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Autopolis GT 300km Preview: The ‘Super Fortnight’ Kicks Off

There are just three races left in the 2019 Autobacs Super GT Series. And before the season comes to a climax at Twin Ring Motegi on November 3rd in the 250km Grand Final, the final leg of the ‘mid-summer triple’ approaches, the Autopolis GT 300km Race, held in the remote Autopolis International Racing Course in the Kyushu region of Japan.

Situated near the city of Hita in Oita Prefecture, just 50 kilometers northeast of the city of Kumamoto and 120 kilometers southeast of Fukuoka, and at 800 meters above sea level, Autopolis has long been considered the hidden jewel in the Japanese racing calendar. A facility as advanced as Suzuka, Fuji, or Motegi today, yet often-forgotten in the years since the circuit’s F1 ambitions were broken in the early 90s.

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The Best Japanese Cars Through Decades

The car industry in Japan was established in 1907 when the first company Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. open its assembly lines. The venerable company has been defunct since 1951 but is survived by the Daihatsu brand.

Fast forward a century or so, and the Japanese car industry reigns supreme as their cars aren’t only the best-selling models across the globe, but also known to be affordable, practical, and above all reliable. The fact that four Japanese companies (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Suzuki) find themselves in the top 10 largest car manufacturers in the world speaks in that favor. Combined, the quartet have sold around 24 million vehicles during 2018 which is roughly one quarter of the entire global car and commercial vehicle production for the year (around 91.5 million).

Publisher: AutoWise
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21 Sports Cars From Japan We Can’t Get In The US (9 More From Around The World)

There is without a doubt no shortage of sports cars overseas in Japan, and in-fact this market is where the sports car was born. The lineage of Mazda all the way to the unique Honda models that cannot be purchased in the U.S. market, there is an undeniable selection of sports cars that are revolutionary and fun to drive.

For whatever reason, many of these models cannot be imported into the U.S. market, and this has created much frustration for enthusiasts who want to experience what these unique cars have to offer. Notable models such as the Honda Beat and the Suzuki Cappuccino come to mind just to name a few.

Publisher: HotCars
Date: 2018-12-13T13:12:10Z
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