Toto Wolff wants F1 Strategy Group to discuss third car ideas

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has suggested the subject of top teams running third cars for junior drivers will be discussed at next week’s Formula 1 Strategy Group meeting.

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Wolff wants third car talks with Strategy Group

Toto Wolff has said he wants to have discussions with the F1 Strategy Group about the introduction of a third car for the junior drivers of teams’ driver developmental programmes. Wolff’s idea was met with scepticism when the paddock arrived on Thursday in Singapore. In Singapore, Wolff explained that the idea would grant more chances for drivers who are talented enough to make it into F1 but might not have the financial backing that is taking precedent at the moment in the sport, with drivers like Esteban Ocon and Stoffel Vandoorne unable to secure a drive for 2019.

Speaking to Autosport, the Mercedes team boss said that the idea would garner opposition but that it was worth a discussion at least.

Lowe backs idea to award F1 points down to 20th place

Formula 1’s owners are continuing to explore possible changes to the sporting regulations, some of which could be introduced before 2021.

A change to the scoring system would give extra meaning to battles outside the top 10 at a time when the first six places are almost inevitably secured by the three same teams.


In the recent Belgian GP, Daniel Ricciardo went two laps down after a rear wing changed, but his car retired soon after half distance when the team accepted that he wasn’t going to make the points.

Lowe cites the frustration in the Williams camp, where drivers Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin have regularly earned double finishes in the 12th to 17th place range.

Wolff: Let top teams run third cars for young drivers

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says top teams shouldn’t be “boring” by overlooking young drivers but can’t afford to risk compromising their championship positions.

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“But the problem is if you lose a drivers’ championship or a constructors’ championship because they have a learning curve then it’s obviously not great. And we haven’t done it and Ferrari haven’t done it in the past so we need to question that.”

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“Give us a third car and make it mandatory to put a young driver in there, with a maximum two years in that car. The costs wouldn’t be huge, the grid would be packed and we would have fantastic shows of new kids on the block coming up and fighting hard with the Valtteris and Lewises of this world and maybe surprising us.

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