Watch Giants pitcher Dereck Rodriguez push a car as a part of workout

Watch Giants pitcher Dereck Rodriguez push a car as a part of workout originally ‘ there are no off days in baseball — or any other sport really.

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The players try to keep in tip-top shape as the winter months tick away and they’daydream of Arizona and Florida temperatures.

While fans patiently, or not so patiently, wait for the games to start, Giants pitcher Dereck Rodriguez is taking every opportunity to work out — and he’s proving you don’t need much in order to get a good sweat in: just a car.

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Rodriguez arrived in Puerto Rico, the homeland of his Hall of Fame’father’Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, and has been keeping in shape both with’and without the use of anything that needs four-wheel drive.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Why Juan Soto and Ronald Acu’a Jr. both deserve Rookie of the Year

On a yearly basis, award races in MLB fluctuate between being extremely competitive to landslides. This season’s Rookie of the Year race in the National League between Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto and Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald’Acu’a Jr. is extremely compelling.

There are intriguing secondary candidates like San Francisco Giants pitcher Dereck Rodriguez and Miami Marlins third baseman Brian Anderson. Yet neither player is in the same stratosphere as Soto and Acu’a Jr.

This season, we’ve been treated to a special race between these two phenoms. Imagine if, in 2013’s Rookie of the Year race, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper played in the same league. That’s the type of scenario voters find themselves faced with this year.

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Red Sox rise into top spot in MLB Power Rankings

The Boston Red Sox have climbed into top spot in the MLB Power Rankings, pulling ahead of the Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians.

Teams moving up this week include the Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, and St. Louis Cardinals, all moving into the Top 10.

* * *

BOSTON RED SOX RECORD: 90-39 THIS WEEK: 1 LAST WEEK: 2 A 19-6 record in the past 25 games gives the Red Sox far and away the best record in baseball, and moves them to the top of the Power Rankings pile, but another injury to ace starting pitcher Chris Sale does leave them a little bit vulnerable. Key Injuries: 2B Dustin Pedroia (knee), RHP Steven Wright (knee), C Christian Vazquez (finger), RHP Eduardo Rodriguez (ankle), LHP Chris Sale (shoulder), 3B Rafael Devers (hamstring).

2018 Topps Now Baseball Checklist, Team Set Lists and All You Need

2018 Topps Now Baseball is the third season for the on-demand line. And like it has from the beginning, it transforms big games, events, trades and milestones into cards within hours of it happening.

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In essence, it tells the story of the season from start to finish’and probably even beyond in some regards.

2018 Topps Now Baseball cards are sold exclusively through the company’s website. While there can be exceptions for special occasions, the vast majority are available for just 24 hours. The cost is $9.99 for a single card and discounted rates for orders of five, ten and 20 of the same card. Some dealers use these bulk discounts to offer cards immediately on eBay as well.

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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Marcus Stroman is back, is Shelby Miller next?

A fine example is Marcus Stroman. I’ve spent the better part of the past three years being down on Stroman, arguing he didn’t have ace upside. But I think sometimes it came off as me thinking Stroman was a bad pitcher. He’s not. He’s valuable in Fantasy, and when he’s healthy he should be be universally owned. It looks like he’s healthy again.

Stroman returned to the Blue Jays on Saturday with five shutout innings against the Angels. He was vintage Stroman. The control was back ‘ one walk ‘ and so were the ground balls. When he’s at his very best, he’s doing it with one of the highest ground ball rates in the league and a better than average walk rate. His low strikeouts and his low win probability will keep him from being a top-20 pitcher, but the ground balls and elite control will get him as close to an ace as you can be with a K/9 below eight.’

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