Weekly Sports Schedule: (2/12-2/22)

Rejoice JV (G/B) Basketball at Oologah, 4/5 p.m. Owasso Varsity (G/B) Basketball hosts Sapulpa, 6:30/8 p.m. Owasso JV (G/B) Basketball host Sapulpa, 4/5 p.m.

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In case you are keeping track:

This simple maths problem has thousands of people baffled. Can you work it out?

If you fancy testing them to the limit, take a look at this brainteaser, which has been going viral in recent days after being shared on Facebook by one Randall Jones from Colombus, Ohio:

* * *

Randall’s post has more than 1.1 million comments so far, and the vast majority of people are suggesting either 40 or 96 as the answer. So which of those is right – and why?

* * *

For 2 + 5 to equal 12, and 3 + 6 to equal 21, there’s clearly something missing. Here are the two most commonly suggested solutions.

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