With no girls team, Traylyn Arana helps Glendale boys squad

I love it a lot. It’s the only sport I can go far in and I try to get better.” “This will pay dividends for her,” coach Ford said.

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Glendale High School’s Traylyn Arana is developing her basketball skills as a member of the boys team this season.

Glendale High School’s Traylyn Arana runs through ball handling drills with the boys basketball team in Glendale on Friday.

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Traylyn Arana had been going to early season practices with the girls basketball team in November, but when Glendale High administrators made the decision to cancel the season due to a lack of interest Arana kept on practicing. This time she was practicing with the boys.

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“At first I was nervous,” Arana said. “But they’re all my best friends. They help me up when I get down. They’re like family. They probably push me harder.”

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