Woman ejected from $300,000 sports car in crash has a long path to recovery, dad says

Pennsylvania State Police on Friday morning identified the woman who was critically injured early Thursday when she was thrown from a crashing 2018 McLaren 720S on Route 22 West in Hanover Township,

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Police on Friday identified the driver of the McLaren as Alfredo Gene Delgado, 40, of North Whitehall Township. Delgado suffered minor injuries. The driver of the truck was Russell Hadley, 56, of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, police said. He wasn’t hurt.

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She was ejected from the nearly $300,000 sports car after it struck the rear of a moving 2010 GMC box truck in the left lane at the Airport Road interchange, police said.

Gibson’s father, Mike, who flew in with his wife Tammy overnight from Utah, said Kelsey did not suffer brain trauma or spinal injuries. She is sedated and on a ventilator after suffering a lacerated liver and kidney as well as a broken nose and severe road rash, Mike Gibson said.

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Not to change the topic here:

The Beachwood Reporter – The Beachwood Reporter

House Democrats are watching this week as the latest scandal to engulf the caucus’s campaign arm – this one on minority representation in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – is deepening divisions on Capitol Hill.

The committee, known as the DCCC, acts as the election wing for Congressional Democrats. The DCCC is currently run by Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.), who began the job with the new Congress in January.

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Executive director Allison Jaslow resigned her position over the minority representation scandal on Monday; much of the rest of the senior staff have followed Jaslow out the door since.

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Skipper: Does Mason City want the candle or the curse?

That credo has been attributed to many people over the years, from Confucius to Eleanor Roosevelt but is believed to be a sentence from a sermon delivered by a British Methodist minister, the Rev. William Watkinson in 1907.

I think it’s a message inherent in Mayor Bill Schickel’s state-of-the-city message delivered this week as he and the community look at the challenges ahead of us in 2019.

Schickel, as most of us know, is the eternal optimist, whose glass is always half full and wants all of ours to be as well.

In Rev. Watkinson’s sermon more than 100 years ago, he was urging his congregation to quit their bickering and instead, focus on doing good works.

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MEDIA RELEASE – Miss Namibia 2018 ‘ Selma Kamanya

As I prepare to hand over the Miss Namibia crown to my successor on the 7th of July 2019, I thought this is a great time to recap on my year of reign for all future Miss Namibia queens.

Looking back, I will not forget my time as Namibia’s ambassador of influence both on national and global platforms I was blessed to be part of. It will not benefit our growth and development if I do not share my experience and challenges that were part of this journey.

* * *

The crown accorded me the opportunity to use my sphere of influence to preach the gospel of mental health to many young Namibians on many platforms. I was able to visit several schools and use my voice as a positive influence on students to focus on the building of a beautiful country and nation. It was important to share the importance of not only focusing on what may be broken in our society as much as we need to focus on how we fix it. What role each of us can play to contribute toward the solutions that our country relies on us both young and old.

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