World Space Week 2018: Know these women of ISRO who are more than just scientists

She was an ardent Star Trek fan. That was how she came across space science. Even her parents were great lovers of science fiction movies.

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When newspapers carried an article about the Mars Orbiters Mission, by the Indian Space Research Organisation, the entire country was filled with pride. If that was not enough, we learned the eight women were part of this mission. They astounded us with their knowledge and their ability to break stereotypes. These women have shattered every glass ceiling they could see and have made everyone realize their true potential.’As World Space Week commences from today let’s have a look at these eight amazing personalities and salute them for the efforts they have put in.

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Thanks to This MBA Grad, Thousands of Indian Moms Can Now Breastfeed Without Fear!

Although my late grandmother and aunt weren’t medical experts, what they offered my mother was a semblance of an informal, yet robust, community network that guards and disseminates essential information about breastfeeding. For Adhunika Prakash, an MBA graduate from Symbiosis University, who was living with her husband in Cork, Ireland, that personal network didn’t exist.

Along with the joy of having her first child in July 2012 came trepidations surrounding breastfeeding. She knew little about the practice and couldn’t get the requisite information from her peers. Under these circumstances, she joined a local support group of mothers in Cork.

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ISRO Spy Case: The Torture Inflicted Upon Scientist Nambi Narayanan And Others

ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan describes how he and others were subjected to third-degree torture at the behest of the State Intelligence Bureau team in Thiruvananthapuram, masterminded by Shreekumar.

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‘When they took me for interrogation, they didn’t give me a seat. They asked me to keep standing. They didn’t give me water when I asked for water. They said you don’t deserve water. And slowly I became rigid. I said why the hell should I bother? Why should I succumb to their pressure? So I refused to obey their orders. Afterwards one old man, seemed like a good fellow, I think he was from RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) ‘ he came and asked me, ‘Mr Nambi Narayanan, please be seated.’ I said I don’t want to be seated. He said, why? I said, because I don’t deserve a seat according to your people. He said, ‘Have some water.’ I said I don’t want water. Why? Again the same answer. The old man was very disturbed. That is when I understood the power of Satyagraha. And I kept on standing.

Will more Indian kids be able to pay off rishirin?

What is the building block of learning? It is a quality that is praised in one of the first lines written by mankind in the Rigveda and also one that is enshrined as the Indian citizen’s first fundamental right.

Herself a seer, Rishi Ambhrin’s daughter, Vak, or free speech, lets Brihaspati articulate and put names to his ideas, thus setting into motion the crystallisation of thought and the process of learning, sparking curiosities, triggering memory formation and leading to the unravelling of the mysteries of this world.

Our ancient institutions of learning focused more on preparation of “wholesome individuals”. However, with the passage of time and changing values, education has come to be a trade-off for employment and, more particularly, higher education has come to be seen more as a means of getting more lucrative jobs. So, education in effect has come to be just a means for a good material living and not “complete living in all its dimensions”.

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