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Laura Prepon: Find the Silver Lining While Parenting During a Pandemic
Apr 07th, 2020 01:51 UTC Star actress Laura Prepon shares what to expect from her new book “You and I, as Mothers” and her thoughts on parenting during the coronavirus pandemic. We use cookies and similar technologies on this

The role of macrophage reprogramming induced by GRA15 II, a polypeptide effector molecule of Toxoplasma gondii, in liver diseases in model mice
Apr 07th, 2020 02:26 UTC All prices are NET prices. VAT will be added later in the checkout.

The Wall: A Mother-Daughter Duo Dodges Disaster To Win 100,000 Dollars
Apr 07th, 2020 02:15 UTC Valencia and Essence, mother-daughter flight attendants from Indianapolis, take on The Wall that has them flying high. Valencia took to isolation to take on the trivia will Essence is out front

‘It’s a nightmare’: Oil producers scramble as prices plummet
on 06th of Apr 2020 The global economic crisis caused by the pandemic has devastated the oil industry in the U.S., which pumps more crude than any other

UK PM Johnson Is Not on a Ventilator but Had Oxygen Support, Minister Says
Apr 07th, 2020 00:08 UTC He’s not on a ventilator no,” Gove told LBC radio. “The prime minister has received some oxygen support and he is kept under, of course, close supervision.”

‘Oil at single digit prices now a potential’: The Schork Report
on 06th of Apr 2020 Oil has been battered by the demand destruction wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. Stephen Schork of The Schork Report strikes a pessimistic tone, saying that oil could hit single digits and cause a

Russia’s most comfortable oil price is $42 a barrel, VTB president says
on 06th of Apr 2020 Andrey Kostin, president and chairman at VTB, says he is optimistic that a deal could be reached between Russia and Saudi Arabia to stabilize oil prices.

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