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Rocket Lab launch fails during rocket’s second stage burn, causing a loss of vehicle and payloads
on 04th of Jul 2020 Rocket Lab’s ‘Pic or it didn’t happen’ launch on Saturday ended in failure, with a total loss of the Electron launch vehicle and all seven payloads on board. The launch vehicle experienced a failure

A Confederate statue is toppled in rural Maryland, then quietly stored away
on 04th of Jul 2020 After the Confederate statue was vandalized, toppled, and removed, all that was left was an empty pedestal paying tribute to the Montgomery County, Md., “heroes” who fought in the Civil War. It’s

Stephen Cottrell: “Jesus was a black man. The church leadership is too white”
on 04th of Jul 2020 York Minster had never witnessed the installation of an archbishop quite like it. It was November 2005 and John Sentamu, a Ugandan-born former asylum seeker, travelled along the Ouse by boat

Drive-in movie theaters making a comeback amid coronavirus pandemic
on 04th of Jul 2020 As the coronavirus pandemic forces Americans to social distance, an old trend is making a welcome comeback. Drive-in movie theaters allow people to get out of the house while maintaining social

Resort communities feel a devastating financial effect of the coronavirus pandemic
on 04th of Jul 2020 For many resort towns across America, summer visitors are vital to maintaining the entirety of their economy. With decreased tourists because of the coronavirus, vacation venues have already seen a

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Wife Has a Hilarious Reaction During Her Husband’s Kissing Scenes
on 04th of Jul 2020 Manuel Miranda’s wife can’t help but voice her disapproval in the most hilarious way every time her “Hamilton” star and creator husband kisses someone onstage. “I always boo when Lin kisses someone

Take a look at a dozen of the Lincoln Project’s most devastating anti
on 04th of Jul 2020 The Lincoln Project, founded by a group of current and former Republicans strategists to “defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box,” is in the midst of an ad blitz to do just that. Here’s

Infectious disease specialist: Florida ‘heading a million miles an hour in the wrong direction’
(Jul 2020) An infectious disease specialist is warning that Florida is “heading a million miles an hours in the wrong direction” on its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

A nation challenges itself to live up to founding ideals
(Jul 2020) Acrimony plays out amid a presidential campaign pitting two candidates who came of age in the patriotic fervor that followed World War II.

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