3 prime Bangkok hotels for under $100 a night

By Vince Font

Rooftop pools. Moody, club-like lighting. Courtyards with private villas. Definitely not the level of amenities to expect at a budget American hotel, but such luxury is standard at some Bangkok hotels for a modest $100 per night. Here are three beautiful, high-quality Bangkok hotels with wow features that you’ll never get used to paying so little for.

For under $100 a night, the posh Dream Hotel Bangkok is no dream.

Dream Hotel Bangkok
Imagine trying to land a five-star boutique hotel a mere stroll away from the nightlife district in any American city for under $100 a night. Not only would you have a tough time, you’d come back empty handed. But believe it or not, this isn’t anything that’s too far out of the ordinary in Bangkok. You’ll even find places that have a dash of eccentricity thrown in, like the Dream Hotel. Its exterior neon façade is just a hint of what you’ll find inside. I’ve heard some people describe this place as “oddly decorated” but if you ask me, there’s nothing odd about eternally retro, inimitably funky design. Think a cool room with plasma TV and free Wi-Fi is all you get for around $60 per night? Think again. This place even has a rooftop pool. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, you can try the on-site spa or restaurant. If you’re into saving money, this is one place that’s appropriately named.

Davis Hotel Bangkok
With rooms that start at just under $70 a pop, the Davis Hotel belies the definition of a budget hotel. The place teems with design details, from arched doorways to intricate, hard-carved poster beds. Throw in the fact that it’s close enough to public transport, but far enough from the raucous city streets for peace and quiet, and its value increases. If you’re in the mood for an upgrade and don’t mind paying a bit extra, go for one of the two- or three-bedroom Thai-style villas that are situated around a small, private pool for villa-dwellers only.

Centre Point Wireless Road Serviced Apartments Bangkok
Looking at this place from the exterior, you’d never guess that you could nab a nightly rate in the low $70s. Step inside and take a tour of the hotel, however, and you’ll probably convince yourself that the guy behind the front desk accidentally omitted a zero from the nightly rent. Located smack dab in the heart of Bangkok, the Centre Point is a residence hotel that offers beautiful window views of the city skyline and elegantly furnished rooms. Designed with the business traveler in mind, the hotel’s got adequate conference center facilities — but you don’t have to be a business traveler to make this HQ for your Thai summer vacation. The hotel’s proximity to the business community also places you within easy reach of the city’s Ploenchit Skystrain station, which will take you any place you want to go.

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Vince Font is a travel writer with a deep love of weird, wacky, and off-the-beaten-track vacation destinations – as long as staying in a luxury hotel is part of the deal.

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