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Trump ties his unfounded allegations of voter fraud in Florida to his Russia conspiracy theory
on 09th of Nov 2018 Gov. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.) dwindling lead in Florida’s Senate race has spurred no small amount of alarm within his campaign and his party. The GOP filed a lawsuit on Thursday hoping to halt vote-count

Hanson breakdown their new symphonic album, String Theory, Track by Track: Stream
on 09th of Nov 2018 Most bands never get to celebrate their 25th birthday, and even fewer get to do so while their members are all still under 40. Hanson is one of those lucky few. Brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac marked

The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco gives behind-the
on 09th of Nov 2018 If there’s one thing that features in The Big Bang Theory more than science, it’s food. So that’s why we’re thrilled Kaley Cuoco has revealed exactly what happens during those famous dinner scenes. Ah

Not everyone is on board with that wild Oumuamua ‘alien’ theory
(Nov 2018) Earlier this week, the mysterious interstellar object Oumuamua was back in the headlines. It didn’t resurface because of any new observations or studies since its pass through our solar system

Muse: Simulation Theory review – bring back the alien overlords, please
on 09th of Nov 2018 Perhaps Matt Bellamy is the greatest thinker of our age. After all, he’s spent much of Muse’s career warning us about technological conspiracies to take over the world. Yes, we thought he’d been spend

Kaley Cuoco Totally Eats It on Set in ‘Big Bang Theory’ Behind-the
on 09th of Nov 2018 Kaley Cuoco shared a mouthful with her fans on Thursday. In more ways than one. “Big Bang Theory” star Cuoco gifted fans with a behind-the-scenes video posted to her Instagram page, breaking down reve

Review: Muse Get Lost in the Eighties on ‘Simulation Theory’
on 09th of Nov 2018 The first LP from Muse since their 2015 album Drones is a throwback to the first seven years of the Eighties. The tom-toms are cavernous like a Jan Hammer or Phil Collins production on the Miami Vice

Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Why Sheldon Is Finally Getting Closer To Amy’s Mom
(Nov 2018) Sheldon hasn’t had much of a relationship with Amy’s parents on The Big Bang Theory, which really isn’t much of a surprise considering how much trouble he has building relationships with everyone, but

Michelle Obama: I’ll ‘never forgive’ Trump for birther conspiracy theory
on 09th of Nov 2018 Former first lady Michelle Obama said she will “never forgive” President Donald Trump for spreading the so-called birther conspiracy about her husband. “Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuen

Video: ‘Hanson’ releases orchestral version of ‘MMMBop’ to celebrate debut of new album ‘String Theory’
on 09th of Nov 2018 It should come as no surprise to fans and followers of Tulsa-based sibling trio Hanson that a rendition of the band’s 1990s breakout smash “MMMBop” featuring a full symphony orchestra sounds