Are Kendall Jenner’s Bangs Real? The Model Is Rocking Some Seriously Long Fringe

Are those real? The “those” in question are Kendall Jenner’s bangs. The model and Kylie’s older sister posted an image on Instagram, showing off her follicle fringe and rocking a playful, pouty-lipped pose. Jenner’s bangs were super long, wispy, and lash-grazing. Seriously, they fell past her eyebrows and framed her face. The model coyly captioned the shot: “yes, no, maybe so?”

Maybe the bangs are all three ‘ they exist but they are actually totally temporary and non-committal.

Many things are taking place:

Kendall Jenner’s New Bangs Make Her Look Like Kris and Kylie’s Twin

Kendall Jenner debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram on Monday that left some of her fans pretty shook. The 23-year-old model added bangs to her hair repertoire and now people can’t decide if she looks more like her mom Kris Jenner or little sister Kylie Jenner. Maybe a bit of both?

Kendall posted a slideshow of photos and videos on the social media platform and captioned it “yes, no, maybe so?”

The back-and-forth comments about which family she resembled more continued to dominate Kendall’s Instagram comments section.

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Kendall Jenner Got Bangs and She Looks Like a Completely Different Person

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Did Kendall Jenner get bangs? Model takes to Instagram to ask for opinion on apparent new look

Kendall Jenner during the Lakers v. 76ers game on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Model Kendall Jenner took to Instagram Monday to show off what appears to be a’potential new look: bangs.

Jenner, 23, shared a photo and video of herself on Instagram sporting what may be clip-on bangs, Elle reported.’

* * *

Fans seemed torn ‘many expressed support for the potential new look, while others wrote the supermodel should avoid the hairstyle. Some commented,’however, that she very much resembles mom Kris Jenner with the hairdo.

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Kendall Jenner Looks So Different With Her New Long, Wispy Bangs

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Kendall Jenner’s Hair Makeover: Model Shows Off New Bangs In Glam Selfie ‘ Love Or Loathe Her Look?

Kendall Jenner is that you? The 23-year-old model showed off a new hairstyle on Feb. 4 and she looks so different. In an Instagram selfie she’s rocking long bangs covering her forehead and her hair appears shorter on the sides. The Kar-Jenners are known for their love of hair extensions and wigs so we’re not sure if she actually hit the salon and underwent the big chop or if she’s just trying out a new look. Kenny didn’t really have a part line as the bangs were swept forward from the back of her head.


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