NASA’s portable antennas help bring space data back to Earth

Spacecraft wouldn’t have to wait to talk to giant ground stations. Spacecraft don’t usually have much flexibility when it comes to sending data back to Earth: they either have to venture within range of a dedicated ground station or offload it by returning ‘

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NASA is launching two new missions to a ‘lost habitable world’
on 04th of Jun 2021 NASA and other space agencies around the world have been focusing a lot of their attention on Mars as of late. It makes sense, since Mars is the planet most like Earth, and it’s the one

NASA sending two spacecraft to Venus to study boiling planet's mysteries
on 04th of Jun 2021 Venus may finally get some long overdue attention from NASA. The second planet from the sun has been called Earth's twin, though the rocky world developed very differently from our lush, watery,

NASA's Juno to get a close look at Jupiter's moon Ganymede
on 04th of Jun 2021 The first of the gas-giant orbiter's back-to-back flybys will provide a close encounter with the massive moon after over 20 years.

A space telescope that could protect Earth from asteroids has been stuck in 'NASA mission limbo hell'
(Jun 2021) A telescope in orbit could track asteroids that may crash into Earth. But no such mission has moved beyond the early development phase.

NASA brands future Earth science missions as Earth System Observatory
(since May, 2021) A set of missions recommended by the Earth science decadal survey will be developed under a program called the Earth System Observatory.

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