NASA’s portable antennas help bring space data back to Earth

Spacecraft wouldn’t have to wait to talk to giant ground stations. Spacecraft don’t usually have much flexibility when it comes to sending data back to Earth: they either have to venture within range of a dedicated ground station or offload it by returning ‘

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NASA will attempt to knock an asteroid out of orbit for the first time in 2022
on 22nd of Jan 2019 Read also: The White House is considering nuking asteroids, according to a NASA report "DART is a critical step in demonstrating we can protect our planet from a future asteroid impact," said Andy Che

ESA’s new challenge seeks innovations for future space missions
on 22nd of Jan 2019 The European Space Agency has announced the Metalysis-ESA Grand Challenge, a new competition seeking innovation for future space missions . more advanced space-based Internet. NASA has detailed its

Space Telescopes of the Future: NASA Has 4 Ideas for Great Observatory to Fly in 2030s
(Jan 2019) NASA's Large UV Optical Infrared Surveyor (LUVOIR) is one of four astrophysics missions that could be selected to launch in the mid-2030s. Credit: NASA SEATTLE — NASA still hasn't launched its new Jam

NASA and China collaborate on Moon mission
(Jan 2019) Such observations could help astronauts prepare for future missions to the Moon. NASA's lunar orbiter will pass over the Chang'e 4 landing site on January 31 and will snap pictures, as it did for

Space News: NASA’s campaign to return to the moon includes global partners
(Jan 2019) The lunar surface will also serve as a crucial training ground and technology demonstration test site where we will prepare for future human missions to Mars and other destinations. Since the beginnin

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