NASA’s portable antennas help bring space data back to Earth

Spacecraft wouldn’t have to wait to talk to giant ground stations. Spacecraft don’t usually have much flexibility when it comes to sending data back to Earth: they either have to venture within range of a dedicated ground station or offload it by returning ‘

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Tucson Tech: UA inflatable satellite antenna set for future NASA launch
on 21st of Mar 2019 A new kind of inflatable space antenna developed by University of Arizona students and faculty is slated for launch aboard a NASA mission as soon as next year. The antenna is part of the CatSat

Surprise NASA Announcement Puts Future Of New Mega
(Mar 2019) Last week, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine made an announcement that shocked the space world. He said the first mission for NASA’s new flagship mega-rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), might be

NASA is ever-present in Houston area for more than 50 years
on 21st of Mar 2019 Kennedy's goal of reaching the lunar surface by 1970, NASA's bold missions – and crippling tragedies – since that historic day, the future of space exploration and the fate of Houston as America's

Why I Gave NASA A Second Chance?
(Mar 2019) I am a computer scientist studying artificial intelligence and robotics. As with many of my peers, NASA has always been my dream. It represented everything I loved about the future, and I dreamed of

The future of drones: NASA and NIAS partner to create better rules, policies
on 21st of Mar 2019 LAS VEGAS - Executive Director Chris Wallach and his esteemed crew at the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) test their drones at the Henderson Unmanned Vehicle Range every week. "We're

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