SpaceX Launch Schedule: Plan to Launch 5 Falcon 9 Rockets in One Month

SpaceX hit a launch milestone earlier this month when it conducted the 50th launch of the Falcon 9 rocket. Now the company is reaching for another difficult feat. The company has five launches scheduled for the next month.

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SpaceX likely to win NASA’s crew competition by months, for billions less
on 08th of Apr 2019 By contrast, Boeing would note, Elon Musk seemed more interested in flashy marketing and never met his launch . and SpaceX. This has proven a wise decision for reasons of both cost and schedule.

SpaceX drops challenge of NASA launch contract with ULA
Apr 09th, 2019 07:31 UTC SpaceX dropped its challenge to a $148 million NASA contract . ULA asserted it won the Lucy contract largely because of its track record of launching on schedule. “If the launch window of 21 days,

SpaceX drops protest of NASA launch contract
(Apr 2019) Credit: United Launch Alliance WASHINGTON — SpaceX has withdrawn its protest . ULA said that it was selected in part because it offered schedule assurance for the mission.

Boeing will delay test launch of its astronaut capsule to August, citing 'schedule pressure'
(Apr 2019) It was “not a schedule risk we were willing to accept,” Boeing . The engine burn at 113 percent capacity lasted for 510 seconds. The SpaceX Demo-1 launch of a Falcon 9 with the Crew Dragon capsule

NASA's $17-billion moon rocket may be doomed before it ever gets to the launch pad
on 08th of Apr 2019 But the orange-and-white rocket has fallen three years behind schedule — and is way over budget . 2011 and which took its maiden flight in 2018. A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off from historic

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