SpaceX Launch Schedule: Plan to Launch 5 Falcon 9 Rockets in One Month

SpaceX hit a launch milestone earlier this month when it conducted the 50th launch of the Falcon 9 rocket. Now the company is reaching for another difficult feat. The company has five launches scheduled for the next month.

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This is what a SpaceX Falcon 9 looks like after it comes back down to Earth
(Dec 2018) A SpaceX launch is a pretty big deal these days despite the fact that they happen with startling regularity. The company has a packed schedule and sends lots and lots of hardware skyward.

WATCH LIVE: SpaceX rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base
(Dec 2018) 04 a.m.) – SpaceX and Vandenberg Air Force Base officials say the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket is on schedule. Liftoff is set for 10:31 a.m. with a 30-minute launch window. The rocket is carrying

NASA and SpaceX reschedule first demonstration mission of SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule
on 13th of Dec 2018 A fuel leak on Boeing's CST-100 Starliner capsule this year has already caused a several months' delay in the testing schedule for . during a failed rocket launch and saved the lives of two passenge

SpaceX and NASA Push Back Crewed Dragon Test Flight
(Dec 2018) it’s been a long road, but SpaceX was set to launch its first demonstration mission (Demo-1 . several months ago contributed to a multi-month delay in its testing schedule. Kathy Lueders, manager of

NASA and SpaceX still aiming for January commercial crew test flight
(Dec 2018) While a SpaceX commercial crew test flight might . of traffic” of visiting vehicles at the ISS, he said of the launch schedule for Demo-1. “Our target is, at this point in time, mid-January

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