Bill Gates: Choose a career to make an impact

Congratulations! You’ve just accomplished something I never managed to do—earn a college degree. Between your commencement speaker and every aunt and uncle at your graduation party, I am sure you are getting a lot of advice. Bill Gates recommends trying a career in artificial intelligence, energy or bioscience to make an impact.


Press Compilation:

How Bill Gates Aims to Save $233 Billion by Reinventing the Toilet
(Nov 2018) Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business . which can be stored in hydrogen fuel cells as energy. Without cost-effective alternatives to sewers and waste-treatment facilities, urbanization an

Bill Gates is obsessed with redesigning the world's toilets — and he just brought a jar of poop onstage to prove it
(Nov 2018) Bill Gates isn't afraid of potty talk . The new systems that have been created with those grants turn what we put into the toilet into fertilizer, energy, or recycled water — some of which is good e

World leaders come together for inaugural Global Energy Forum
(Nov 2018) Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Jerry Brown. CEOs, politicians, representatives and scientists. World leaders convened Thursday and Friday at the Hoover Institution for the inaugural Global Energy Forum

Why Did Bill Gates Give A Talk With A Jar Of Human Poop By His Side?
(Nov 2018) Once plugged into a natural gas source, the system generates enough energy to power itself . He hailed the expo as a milestone in the global health. “Trust Bill and Melinda Gates to make poop cool,

Bill Gates put $200 million down the loo
(Nov 2018) Bill Gates appeared on stage with a jar of human waste . which can be stored in hydrogen fuel cells as energy. We were going to write a gag about how we wished he had thought of that before releasin

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