Bill Gates: Choose a career to make an impact

Congratulations! You’ve just accomplished something I never managed to do—earn a college degree. Between your commencement speaker and every aunt and uncle at your graduation party, I am sure you are getting a lot of advice. Bill Gates recommends trying a career in artificial intelligence, energy or bioscience to make an impact.


Press Compilation:

Bill Gates says investing in 4 simple plans has saved millions of lives and provided a better return on investment than the stock market
(Jan 2019) Bill and Melinda Gates are arguably the most generous couple in the world . or $17 billion if we factor in reinvested dividends." Even investments in energy projects (an estimated $150 billion retur

Billionaire Bill Gates says this is the best investment he's ever made
(Jan 2019) It's the $10 billion he's invested, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . the estimates from the Copenhagen Consensus Center. Had the Gates Foundation invested that $10 billion in energy pro

Metal-making startup raises $20 million from clean
(Jan 2019) Boston Metal, a startup whose new metal-manufacturing process promises to reduce carbon emissions, has raised $20 million to help bring its lab-born technology to an industrial scale. Gates brought to

Bill Gates Assesses His 2018 Philanthropy
(Jan 2019) Reviewing his own work and that of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation during the past year, Gates writes about achievements in health care, energy and medical research. Gates saw two positive trends

Bill Gates offers Trump free lessons about foreign aid
(Jan 2019) Gates, who co-chairs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife . hit regions–far more than if the same cash had gone into the stock market, or toward energy or infrastructure projects. As

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