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A Touch of Understanding: Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box

For nearly 250 years, the intricate detail and complexity of skin’s nervous-system wiring has thwarted attempts at understanding. But if researchers studying skin could be imagined as technicians reverse-engineering a supercomputer’s peripherals, they’d have just traced about three lines back to the motherboard.

Titan: A Wet World Not Far From Earth

Sea of Ligeia

Astronomers weekly announce the discovery of new exoplanets, some similar in size or temperature to our own planet — but Earth-like worlds are not always far away. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, boasts many familiar features.

Hubble Captures Violent Birth Pangs of Enormous Star

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a young star undergoing violent birth. The star, named S106 IR, has a mass of about 15 times that of our sun and lies approximately 2,000 light-years away in the constellation astronomers divide the sky into eighty-eight emconstellations/em with defined boundaries

Tycho Deep Space To-Do November 2011

If there is one thing to say about my own to-do lists, it is continuously expanding. For some reason they never get shorter but always longer. The more I am working or the more I  am finding solutions new challenges seem to appear and only in the last weeks before the launch campaign I manage […]

Counting birds with drones

A remote colony of birds kept flying away before anyone could count them, so a team of ecologists built a do-it-yourself aerial drone to spy on them from above.