Cellphone review – Nokia 5800

Though Nokia 5800 is already thought as a relatively old model, I still want to post a review about it; because I have recently purchased it.

I’ve heard many people saying things like “Oh, what a huge stone!” about this cellphone and, hopefully, they were wrong. In fact, there are no problems with convenience while you are holding it. It has standard sizes, isn’t heavy and it’s body is totally made of plastic without any “extra” materials. This allows you to easily turn it around or slide into a pocket; however, I strongly recommend to buy at least a silicon protection – this cellphone really “dislikes” falling down.

At the beginning I didn’t like only one thing about Nokia 5800, the stylos. I thought it would be difficult to use it due to uncustomary. But, I was wrong. Not only that you quickly get used to stylos, there is also an option to control the cellphone with a plectrum (you just need to attach it) or fingers (which eventually turned out as a comfortable way, as well).

If you compare Nokia 5800 to other cellphones at the same price category, you will see that it’s display is bigger than any other. Still, it has “only” 16 million colours and an average resolution. I am, personally, more than satisfied with this features and I really liked the quality of the images. Despite the fact that there is a plastic cover over the display, pictures are clear, bright and the screen is readable even at the daylight. This is a very valuable feature, because Nokia 5800 has a digital keyboard. The advantage of such keyboard is that it has not only ABC order, but also QWERTY, which is awesome! Don’t you think so? ;-)

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