Even Barely Famous Stars Erin and Sara Foster Have to Steal From Their Sisters’ Closets

Erin and Sara Foster poke fun at themselves and their “celebutant” status in the tongue-in-cheek VH1 faux reality series Barely Famous. But when it comes to their fashion (and stealing from the other’s closets) the two sisters (and daughters of Grammy-winning composer David Foster) are totally serious, as we found out when they took over the Clinique counter at Nordstrom’s at The Grove in L.A.

Sara and Erin Foster styleRachel Murray/Getty

Erin, left, whose style is “tomboy feminine” according to her sister, and Sara, right, whose style is “sporty dumpy” according to herself, both admit that their style on the show is a heightened version of what they wear in real life. “You see me [on the show] in stiletto boots and short dresses. I personally never wear dresses,” Sara says. And Erin advocates for the perks of an on-set makeup artist for body touch-ups: “I’m a little riskier [on the show] — I show my legs a little more. If I had [a body makeup artist] in real life, I’d wear shorts all the time.”

But despite the glammed-up factor, the wardrobe process for the first season was anything but. “We didn’t have a big wardrobe budget, so [our stylist friend] went through our closets and helped us put outfits together, then took stuff from her own closet and then helped us shop a little bit,” says Erin. “She sort of helped curate the process of how to put our outfits together.” Adds Sara: “Hopefully season 2 will be a much different process.”

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