Avengers: Infinity War Poster Pays Off

Around 6am pacific coast time, the entire earth shook as Marvel and Disney launched the full-length trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. And it was a moment worth waiting for that payed off in a big way.

Final Avengers: Infinity War Poster Pays Off In a Big Way

Around 6am pacific coast time, the entire earth shook as Marvel and Disney launched the full-length trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. And it was a moment worth waiting for that payed off in a big way. And now, to culminate that experience, we have the final payoff poster for this epic undertaking, and it will take your breath away.

This isn’t so much the ‘final’ poster that we’ll see for Infinity War, as there will be plenty of one-sheets, Avengers character posters and foreign takes on the art over the course of the next six weeks, as we lead into the home stretch. But this is the official final poster that will stand to represent the movie heading into its domestic release. It’s the one that will adorned everything we see leading into that fateful first viewing. And it’s pretty cool.

With 10 years of Marvel moviemaking behind it, this latest poster art is very colorful. And it shows the 22 main heroes that will be battling the Mad Titan. Thanos looms over everything else outlined in fire, with Earth’s Mightiest set against the devastation of a battle that clearly hasn’t gone their way. The purple sunset is a nice reminder that some of these guys won’t be here with us after this.

At the top of the poster we have Vision and Scarlet Witch, who will be exploring their relationship a little further in Infinity War. As we see in the trailer, Vision has one of the Infinity Gems in his forehead, and Thanos isn’t going to be too kind in extracting it. On their opposite side, we have Doctor Strange and his companion Doctor Wong. Then, front and center, we have the guy who started it all. Tony Stark, utilizing his new Iron Man armor.

Flanking Stark are Thor and Nomad (the man otherwise once known as Captain America). Standing next to them are T’Challa (aka Black Panther), Nebula, Star-Lord, and War Machine. The next row is made up of the main women, who are strangely segregated as opposed to strategically placed to coincide with their male counterparts. Black Widow has Okoye and Shuri on one side, with Gamora and Mantis on the other. Off in the distance, we see Falcon and Drax the Destroyer.

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