Hana Mado – new Flower Power from Sony for energy production

Hana Mado image

One of the most needed product all over the world is energy. In fact, there will be no modern conveniences without it.

However, traditional ways of producing power are very harmful for our planet and become more expensive each year. That’s why, we meet new projects for creating ecologically-clean energy every day. And one of the recent devices is Hana Mado, “Flower Power”. It looks like an A3-format list and can be easily placed instead of windows.

Hana Mado has been recently presented at Eco Products in Tokyo, Japan. It works on the following concept: “Flower Power” consume the light and turns it into the energy (more details on the original source, gizmag.com).

Taking in account that Hana Mado can also change it’s background colors, I think it is a great tool. It’s main advantage is that it can be used at home by every citizen and it is capable of providing enough energy for devices like air-conditioner; which makes Hana Mado indeed useful.

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