Letters: Why Does Gender Equality Mean Fewer Women in STEM?

In February, Olga Khazan wrote about a new study that explored a strange paradox: Women in countries with more gender equality are less likely ‘ women are statistically not worse at STEM subjects than men,

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Press Compilation:

Minding the gender gap in science prizes
(Jan 2019) Although there are more science prizes now than ever, they aren’t distributed fairly. A new study in Nature shows that women win fewer scientific prizes than their male peers, and the prizes

on 22nd of Jan 2019 “We’ve pushed those ideals even further with gender equality and sexual orientation,” she added, referring to the show’s spotlight not only on women but on a same-sex marriage between the scene-steali

Women, your inner circle may be key to gaining leadership roles
on 22nd of Jan 2019 women's communication patterns, as well as the gender composition of their network, significantly predict their job placement level," said Nitesh V. Chawla, Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Sci

Title IX Allowed Women to Pursue Careers in STEM, NASA Astronaut Says
on 22nd of Jan 2019 USA SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FESTIVAL | The implementation of Title IX regulations opened previously inaccessible career paths for women in STEM, NASA astronaut Mary Cleave said at an event Friday. Title

BAE program grooms young women to become engineers
(Jan 2019) Two dozen girls are participating in the Women in Technology program at BAE Systems, a 16-week course that provides high school students with an opportunity to explore careers in science, technology,

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