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Unusal Moon Magnetism may be due to gravity from Earth

A new model for generating a global magnetic field in the ancient moon could help solve a 40-year-old mystery. The Earth has a magnetic field because it has a spinning solid core surrounded by hot metallic liquid, which churns around lava-lamp style and generates magnetism. But the moon is too small and cool to possess such a molten interior and therefore lacks a global magnetic field.

Hummingbirds can keep dry with motion

It’s a question with the deceptive simplicity of a zen koan: How does a hummingbird keep dry? It’s not by staying out of the rain. Instead, as shown in a series of high-speed videos that reveal what’s hidden to the naked eye by time, hummingbirds shake themselves like dogs.

Russia Returning to Mars After 15-Year Break

If you don’t succeed the first 18 times, try, try again. That might be the motto of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, which is preparing to launch its first new probe to Mars after a long string of failures and a 15-year hiatus on planetary science exploration.

Scientists Question Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

Last night, in response to a worldwide surge in interest, the OPERA experiment released a paper that describes the experiments that appear to show neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. And today, CERN broadcast a live seminar in which one of the work’s authors described the content of the paper. Both of those emphasized the point of our initial coverage: figuring out whether anything is traveling beyond the speed of light requires incredibly accurate measurements of time and distance, and the OPERA team has made an extensive effort to make its work as accurate as possible.

Can Neutrinos Move Faster Than Light?

If it’s true, it will mark the biggest discovery in physics in the past half-century: Elusive, nearly massive subatomic particles called neutrinos appear to travel just faster than light, a team of physicists in Europe reports. If so, the observation would wreck Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which demands that nothing can travel faster than light.


That Depressing ‘Spider-Man’ Fan Theory Is Missing A Major Point
on 10th of Nov 2018 A popular Reddit fan theory claims that Spider-Man’s apparent fear of heights in Spider-Man: Homecoming, combined with images of planes, skyscrapers and debris from the film, are subtle hints that his

This Harry Potter theory claims Nagini is Voldemort’s mom, and it will blow your mind
on 10th of Nov 2018 While the Fantastic Beasts franchise seemingly follows the adventures of mazoologist Newt Scamander, many fans speculate that the series has a lot to do with Lord Voldemort.

Trump ties his unfounded allegations of voter fraud in Florida to his Russia conspiracy theory
(Nov 2018) Gov. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.) dwindling lead in Florida’s Senate race has spurred no small amount of alarm within his campaign and his party. The GOP filed a lawsuit on Thursday hoping to halt vote-count

Is Oumuamua an Alien Spaceship? The Stars of ‘Ancient Aliens’ Have a Theory
on 10th of Nov 2018 The Oumuamua debate might seem like a no-brainer for the crew of extraterrestrial experts that makes up Ancient Aliens. Think again. When the cigar-shaped asteroid was first spotted passing through ou

Not everyone is on board with that wild Oumuamua ‘alien’ theory
(Nov 2018) Earlier this week, the mysterious interstellar object Oumuamua was back in the headlines. It didn’t resurface because of any new observations or studies since its pass through our solar system

Silent Theory Release ‘Before The Storm’ Video (Week in Review)
on 10th of Nov 2018 Silent Theory Release ‘Before The Storm’ Video was a top story on Thursday: Silent Theory have released a brand new music video for their latest single “Before The Storm.” The new promotional clip was

Theory Design awarded interior design contracts for Seagate models
on 10th of Nov 2018 Seagate Development Group LLC announced Theory Design LLC has secured contracts for the creation of interior designs for 12 new Seagate grand estate and single-family model residences either in develo

Kaley Cuoco Totally Eats It on Set in ‘Big Bang Theory’ Behind-the
(Nov 2018) Kaley Cuoco shared a mouthful with her fans on Thursday. In more ways than one. “Big Bang Theory” star Cuoco gifted fans with a behind-the-scenes video posted to her Instagram page, breaking down reve

Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Why Sheldon Is Finally Getting Closer To Amy’s Mom
(Nov 2018) Sheldon hasn’t had much of a relationship with Amy’s parents on The Big Bang Theory, which really isn’t much of a surprise considering how much trouble he has building relationships with everyone, but

Hanson break down their new symphonic album, String Theory, Track by Track: Stream
(Nov 2018) Track by Track is a recurring new music feature in which we ask a band or musician to discuss the stories behind each track on their latest release. Most bands never get to celebrate their 25th