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The Big Bang Theory Showrunner Is Excited About The Series Finale Plan
on 08th of Dec 2018 While pen has not been put to paper for The Big Bang Theory’s finale, it sounds as though the endgame is known. Everything happening on the show is leading towards the final bend in the characters’ st

Logan Paul is buying a theory that YouTube is censoring him — but YouTube said it isn’t true
(Dec 2018) Popular and controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has joined the ranks of vloggers claiming that the video site is censoring content. Paul appeared to buy into a theory put forward on Wednesday by fellow

Rational expectations: The theory that explains how Buffalo is changing
(Dec 2018) A change in the collective psychology of Buffalo’s business community is often cited as a reason the region has regained some of its long-lost vibrancy. That can sound like rose-colored wish-wash. But

The Big Bang Theory recap: How will Sheldon’s story end?
(Dec 2018) This week on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon confronts grief as well as his younger self in a crossover with Young Sheldon. It also sets up a sentimental conclusion for the beloved character next year.

Tom Brady has an interesting theory on why the Patriots always seem to struggle in Miami
on 08th of Dec 2018 If there’s been one city in the NFL that’s been a total nightmare for Tom Brady during his 19 seasons in the league, it’s Miami. When Brady travels to South Beach, apparently, he doesn’t take his tale

‘The Big Bang Theory’: Chuck Lorre Talks Finale Plans & Emotional Last Season
(Dec 2018) “We’re coming up on Christmas break, we have one more episode to shoot before we break,” Lorre said. “We definitely have discussed the finale. And we have a general idea of what we are

How to Use the Job Embeddedness Theory to Keep Top Talent on Board
(Dec 2018) If you’re concerned about being able to keep your best employees on board in this economy, you are not alone. In a robust job market where it’s become common for employees to jump ship for a higher pa

Theory: Why Captain Marvel’s Suit Changes Color
(Dec 2018) This immediately caused controversy online, with comic book readers shocked at the apparent departure from the normal uniform. Since then, it’s become clear that this was an overreaction; Captain Marv

‘Big Bang Theory’ exclusive: Watch Sheldon Cooper get advice from his ‘Young’ self
(Dec 2018) “The Big Bang Theory” proves one scientific theory in Thursday’s episode: Adult Sheldon meeting his boyhood self does not destroy the universe, despite the amassed brainpower. It does, however, lead t

How The Big Bang Theory’s Young Sheldon Crossover Helped Sheldon Finally Connect With His Dad
(Dec 2018) The Big Bang Theory made fans’ dreams come true by having a crossover (of sorts) with Young Sheldon, and the episode looks like it finally helped Sheldon get closer to his dad, George. It turns out th