Stephanie Izard wins ‘Iron Chef Gauntlet,’ becomes an Iron Chef

Hometown chef Stephanie Izard has added another accolade to her already stunning resume: She’s a newly minted Iron Chef, after winning the first season of “Iron Chef Gauntlet” last night.

Iron Chef Gauntlet

Recommendation Engine: Idea Farmer’s Jessica Zeller (since Jun, 2017)I also just finished watching “Iron Chef Gauntlet” and am eagerly awaiting the next “Iron Chef” season. Live sports is another passion. I’m a huge Lakers fan. Really huge. I went to about 80 percent of their home games this year.

‘Iron Chef Gauntlet’: 5 Things You Need to Know (some months now)After a three-year hiatus, Iron Chef comes roaring back to life this Sunday, April 16 at 9 p.m. The formula for this Food Network hit recently got a few tweaks and upgrades, and now it’s officially called Iron Chef Gauntlet.

‘Iron Chef Gauntlet’ recap: Seattle chef faces elimination in Episode 2 (some months now),When we last saw Shota Nakajima (Adana on Capitol Hill) on the premiere episode of “Iron Chef Gauntlet,” he looked chill, the camera shining on his boyish good looks and baby-face smile. He was barely seen cooking, which was good

Iron Chef Gauntlet: Episode 3 Sweet and Savory Live Stream (some months now)Kitchen stadium is ready for the next battle in Iron Chef Gauntlet. The chefs will tackle sweet and savory challenges that will send one chef home. With two chefs eliminated from Iron Chef Gauntlet, the competition is becoming fierce.



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