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A Mozilla Experiment: The Android Interface

Mozilla’s redesigned Firefox for Android is nearly ready for prime time. We tested an early version to see what’s changed in the new native Firefox for Android. The developers are transitioning away from XUL — the cross-platform user interface toolkit used by Firefox on the desktop — in favor of native widgets.

Mozilla Brings Sharing to the Browser With ‘Firefox Share’

Mozilla wants to help stop the proliferation of “share this” badges currently cluttering the web. These days nearly every page you visit is plastered with dozens of icons offering to like, or tweet, or +1, or thumbs up, or otherwise tell your friends what you think of the page in question. The clutter can be […]

Opera 12 Alpha Adds Hardware Acceleration

Opera software recently cranked out a new alpha version of its upcoming Opera 12 web browser. Opera 12 has been in development for a little while now and recently added full hardware acceleration for WebGL graphics.
If you’d like to take Opera 12 for a spin, head on over to the Opera Next downloads page.
Before you […]

Firefox for Android Plans to Go Native

Mozilla is thinking of ditching Firefox’s familiar appearance on Android mobile devices and instead adopting Android’s native look and feel. The change would mean a very different flavor of Firefox, but one that’s faster, uses less memory and is more suited to the mobile world.

Amazon’s Silk Web Browser

One of the headline features of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet is a completely new Web browser called Silk that is designed with a “split” architecture, allowing it to offload much of the heavy lifting to Amazon’s cloud computing cluster for superior browsing performance.
When the user requests a webpage in Silk, the request will be […]

Speedier Firefox 7 Uses Less Memory

Mozilla has released Firefox 7. Thanks to the faster release cycle, Firefox 7 comes just six weeks after Firefox 6 and brings some significant speed boosts that make it well worth the upgrade. If you’d like to take Firefox 7 for a spin, head over to the Mozilla downloads page. Current Firefox users will be automatically […]