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A Mozilla Experiment: The Android Interface

Mozilla’s redesigned Firefox for Android is nearly ready for prime time. We tested an early version to see what’s changed in the new native Firefox for Android. The developers are transitioning away from XUL — the cross-platform user interface toolkit used by Firefox on the desktop — in favor of native widgets.

Nokia leaks 800 Sea-Ray TV adverts ahead of Nokia World


Nokia World may very well only be kicking off in 3 days from the 26th of October but that hasn’t stopped Nokia from airing leak advertisements on terrestrial TV here in the UK. In the television advertisements with range from 3 to 5 seconds, you can clearly see a slab of metal and glass all […]

Firefox for Android Plans to Go Native

Mozilla is thinking of ditching Firefox’s familiar appearance on Android mobile devices and instead adopting Android’s native look and feel. The change would mean a very different flavor of Firefox, but one that’s faster, uses less memory and is more suited to the mobile world.

Test Drive Firefox for Android Today

Mozilla has released Firefox for Tablets. The currently nightly build is still very rough around the edges, but it offers curious testers a working preview of what’s to come.