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Lenovo takes over Dell


Lenovo has just announced today that they have become the second largest PC manufacturer in the world, and in the process taking Dell’s place to become it. According to preliminary data, Lenovo now holds a record 13.7-percent share in the PC market and holds a quarterly shipment value of 12.6 million units. Yang Yuanging, CEO of Lenovo, said in just […]

Speedier Firefox 7 Uses Less Memory

Mozilla has released Firefox 7. Thanks to the faster release cycle, Firefox 7 comes just six weeks after Firefox 6 and brings some significant speed boosts that make it well worth the upgrade. If you’d like to take Firefox 7 for a spin, head over to the Mozilla downloads page. Current Firefox users will be automatically […]

Unique Gait Can Give Crooks Away

The way we walk could be used as an accurate way of identifying us, according to an international team of bioengineers who analyzed the foot pressure patterns created by 104 subjects. They found they were able to identify individuals with a 99.6 percent accuracy.

Bacteria Make Hydrogen Fuel From Water

Most renewable energy sources involve an obvious source of energy — light, heat, or motion. But for the second time this year, scientists have focused on a less obvious source: the difference between rivers and the salty oceans they flow into.