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W3C Aims to Improve Online Privacy

The W3C has release the first draft of a new web standard that will help protect your online privacy. The “Do Not Track” standard provides an easy way to let advertisers know that you don’t want to be tracked every time you click a link. The hard part may be getting advertisers to listen.

CSS ‘Paged Media’ Brings Book Smarts to the Web

Web “pages” are not really pages; they’re more like an ancient scrolls. Håkon Wium Lie, the creator of cascading stylesheets, thinks there’s a better way — actual pages. Lie’s new CSS Paged Media standard defines a way to turn websites into something more akin to books and magazines.

Test Drive Firefox for Android Today

Mozilla has released Firefox for Tablets. The currently nightly build is still very rough around the edges, but it offers curious testers a working preview of what’s to come.

Mozilla Hacks Blog Offers HTML5 Geolocation Primer

The Mozilla Hacks blog has posted a nice screencast overview of the HTML5 Geolocation API. The video is designed to help anyone competing in Mozilla’s September developer derby (which involves building something with the Geolocation API), but it also makes a great overview for anyone wanting to get started with Geolocation.
The HTML5 Geolocation API enables […]