Tips for a Great Amalfi Coast Honeymoon

By Lisa Fantino

What makes the perfect honeymoon is as individual as the two people who have just professed never-ending love to each other in matrimony. Perhaps it was a trek up Everest that first drew you together or a passion for fly-fishing (hey, it happens!).  The point is that passion happens to each of us differently. However, I challenge anyone to travel to Italy’s Amalfi Coast and not find it to be the most romantic place on the face of the Earth. OK, maybe that’s a stretch but it does share that notoriety with very few other destinations.

Positively Positano Romance

Amore in Amalfi is more than the alliteration it conjures. It is paradiso. It is where the blue sky kisses an azure sea and life happens minute by minute. Nothing is rushed and everything is savored for the experience it brings to life.

It is the perfect escape to begin a life of passion and romance. Picture spending your first night together in a room of white and candlelight, a room with no curtains because a wall of windows faces nothing but the sea. Your private balcony hangs precariously over the rugged coastline and the only sounds are passion echoing against the waves crashing at the shoreline. This is the rugged allure of the Amalfi Coast.

Here all of your fantasies can happen, whether it is a private evening boat ride to carry you to a dining experience unlike any other; Scuba-diving among ancient ruins; touring La Costiera Amalfitana in a Ferrari; or a motorbike climb up a dormant volcano. Your honeymoon should be a time where you indulge each other and every desire to make this a romantic escape.

Romantic CapriThe Amalfi Coast offers this and more to couples no matter what their budget and budget is the key no matter what the destination. Couples who can afford the luxury of private helicopter tours can be accommodated, while others can fulfill romantic fantasies in many other ways. As a honeymoon concierge I would suggest that saving money on accommodations and dining out is a great alternative for the cost-conscious couple. It provides you the funds to make magic happen elsewhere. Renting an apartment or villa, such as those here on FlipKey, allows you to spend time at a destination which might be considered expensive in today’s economic climate. Instead of allocating funds to a great hotel, rent a great villa or apartment instead. It can be cheaper and give you the funds to indulge other romantic fantasies which are best enjoyed on a honeymoon.

Finally, with all the planning you have to do for a wedding, give your travel wish list to a reliable honeymoon concierge, someone who knows your desired destination. If the Amalfi Coast is your dream, then work with someone who knows the private beaches, great restaurants, boat tour operators, etc., who can take the headaches out of planning… then get your loved ones to help pay for it with a honeymoon registry.

Lisa Fantino is an award-winning journalist and Amalfi Coast travel concierge. She is the creative force behind Wanderlust Women Travel and designer of dreams at Italy Destination Weddings. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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