Uruguay Paradise

December brings summer to Uruguay. If you want to trade in the cold snow for sunshine and and good vibrations, consider a vacation rental in Uruguay.

The Vacation Rental Advantage


Uruguay has a more than adequate number of hotels, but staying in a vacation rental offers some distinct advantages. Having your own kitchen, for example, is a major perk, because it allows you to buy well-priced, and incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables, and prepare them in your own home. Most Uruguay houses and apartments have a pariilla, or outdoor grill. Not only is the food delicious, hosting a barbecue, called an asado, is a great way to meet your friendly neighbors.

Now you just have to pick out a location.


Montevideo is a vibrant, dynamic city, which stays awake 24 hours each day. It has all the typical conveniences and excitement of urban life, including an eclectic menu of museums, monuments, restaurants and nightlife. A regular bus system takes you everywhere you want to go.  If you want to learn more about the practicalities of the city, a group of English-speaking expats meets every Thursday and Sunday to share English conversation and tips.

Some people find Montevideo to be a bit overwhelming, but if you want to experience the calm of the beach while staying close to the pulse of the city, consider renting in the Pocitos neighborhood.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is beach town that sits along the the waters of the Río de La Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. Its abundance of upscale shops and restaurants– including a place that delivers sushi– makes it a popular vacation destination for celebrities and other beautiful people. Its beaches offer a combination of mild waves, suitable for swimmers, and stronger waves for windsurfers and kite-surfers. Many of the upscale vacation rentals in Punte del Este sleep up to 12 people.

Jose Ignacio

Jose Ignacio, located 30 minutes from Punte del Este, was once a small fishing village, but it is quickly becoming its neighbor´s glamour rival. Celebrities such as Colombian singer Shakira and Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood vacation here, hoping to avoid the paparazzi of Punte del Este. Some of the vacation rentals in Jose Ignacio offer views of the sea.

Don´t let winter chill your soul. Escape to Uruguay, a small country with a big, warm heart!

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