Women’s Weird and Deceiving Swimsuit Trends

At your latest pool party, you may have noticed fewer string bikinis. We’re sorry—we know you’re a … Get ready to see some ’90s lifeguard lookalikes strutting down the beach because this swimsuit style is everywhere this year.


Press Compilation:

Swimsuit trends for 2017
(Mar 2019) From bikini to burkini: The evolution of the bathing suit 20.06.2017 Both bikinis and burkinis have provoked scandals as ideas of modesty and women's rights have changed over time. From functional to

The One-Piece Swimsuits You’ll Continue To Wear Year Round
(Mar 2019) RELATED: 20 Swimsuits For Every Shape, Size And Budget Current women's one piece swimwear trends The latest designs are true statements in sophistication and style that could easily earn themselves a

(Mar 2019) Finally, in the summer of 2018, activewear retailer Outdoor Voices introduced its swimwear collection with ads featuring a diverse selection of models, including amputees and women of different

More small firms are analyzing social media and analytics to spot trends
(Mar 2019) “You use the trends to try and pick the next style. That’s where your intuition comes in,” said Joanna Duda, owner of Pirillo Swimwear, a Chicago-based online retailer of women’s swimsuit

Tree-mendous new Instagram pose sees bikini
(Mar 2019) Ashley James from Made in Chelsea also got up close and personal to a sturdy trunk during a tropical getaway But it’s not just the bikini-clad women who have added the . Here are seven other posing

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