Zadig & Voltaire’s Cecilia B’nstr’m’s Collaboration with Kate Moss

In the early ’90s, Cecilia B’nstr’m, artistic director of Zadig & Voltaire, made her fashion industry foray’as a model. Concurrently, Kate Moss was kicking off her career, too. Despite being contemporaries, the duo didn’t cross paths’until now. The designer recently tapped Moss to co-design a new handbag collection for Zadig. THE DAILY rang up B’nstr’m in Paris to chat about how the two chic minds came together, the new Kate Bag collection, and her early catwalk years.

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What was the industry like back then? I was lucky to be a model starting in 1990. There were less models then. I hear from younger models that the industry has become faster today with social media. But I had a healthy experience. All the girls got along. There was always a great feeling during the castings. Very good money. It was a great way to learn languages, travel around, and grow. You had the time to grow by doing something instead of having to choose a school, and make a decision when you’re 19 and just graduated. For me, it was purely positive. It’s become harder today. Financially, you don’t have the same access unless you’re a top model.

Not to change the topic here:

We have found the perfect bag for Fall, and Kate Moss designed it

For Kate Moss’s second collab’ with Zadig & Voltaire, the British supermodel lent more than just her looks. Working with the brand’s creative director C’cilia B’nstr’m, Kate Moss has designed her own collection of bags filled with her signature rock look.


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