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Innovator FC Midtjylland shakes up status quo with revolutionary approach
Oct 27th, 2020 04:11 UTC You need to be a bit of a European geography expert to pinpoint the city of Herning — population 50,000 — in Denmark.

Boston Residents Urged To Check Vote Status After Man Sets Ballot Box On Fire
Oct 27th, 2020 03:48 UTC The Boston Elections Department said there were a total of 122 ballots inside the box when it was emptied Sunday morning.

Year after UT status to Ladakh, BJP returns to power in Hill Council, but with reduced numbers
on 26th of Oct 2020 As the National Conference and PDP had already decided to stay away from the electoral exercise, the BJP high command persuaded its local leadership to contest the elections, hoping it would be a

The Best Clapbacks to Those Awkward Relationship Status Questions You Get Over The Holidays
Oct 27th, 2020 06:11 UTC Tis the season of family, food, friends, fellowship— and loved ones bombarding you with questions about your relationship status (or lack thereof.) Go into the holidays armed with a plan.

Sudan’s leader: Israel deal ‘incentive’ to end pariah status
on 26th of Oct 2020 Sudan’s leader says the decision to normalize ties with Israel was an incentive for President Donald Trump’s administration to end Sudan’s international pariah status

Wisconsin coach Chryst staying quiet on QB Mertz’s status
on 26th of Oct 2020 Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst isn’t discussing quarterback Graham Mertz’s status following reports that the redshirt freshman has tested positive for COVID-19. “I will not, cannot and should not

Higgs says party status will continue for Greens and People’s Alliance
on 26th of Oct 2020 The Green Party and the People’s Alliance will get to keep their spots in the political spotlight at the New Brunswick Legislature.

Beeline awards Guidant Global UK Certified Strategic Partner status
Oct 27th, 2020 03:12 UTC Beeline, a global leader in software solutions for managing the non-employee workforce, has announced that Guidant Global, a leading provider of global workforce management solutions, has been named a

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