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GOP’s Hawley questions Bolton’s status as ‘a firsthand witness’
Jan 28th, 2020 08:27 UTC When Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal first started gaining traction as a controversy of historic significance, one of the leading Republican talking points was a single word: “hearsay.” This was

Michelle Obama wins her first Grammy Award and inches closer to EGOT status
on 27th of Jan 2020 Back in 1997, Hillary Clinton won in the same category for her book, “It Takes a Village.” Fans were quick to point out that Mrs. Obama could be on her way to future EGOT status — the rare achievement

Status of FA Cup dealt further blow as Klopp stands firm
on 27th of Jan 2020 Fans young and old poured onto the field, holding aloft replica FA Cups made of foil and yellow-and-blue scarves, headed to embrace their players. Right then, as gleeful supporters of third-tier team

Michelle Obama wins Grammy, inching closer to EGOT status
on 27th of Jan 2020 The former first lady won a Grammy for best spoken word album for the audiobook version of her best-selling memoir, “Becoming.”

Catalonia’s Separatist President Loses MP Status
on 27th of Jan 2020 Quim Torra, who heads Catalonia’s separatist government, on Monday lost his status as a lawmaker in the region’s parliament following a disagreement between the chamber’s two main pro-independence

Professional Golf League faces challenges but could shake up status quo
on 27th of Jan 2020 Make no mistake, PGL faces massive challenges to muscle in at the top of professional golf but the fact it is agitating could be enough to shake the status quo. Expect the establishment to come

Star Canadian canoeist Vincent Lapointe expects ruling on Tokyo doping status on Monday
(Jan 2020) Laurence Vincent Lapointe, one of Canada’s top 2020 Olympic medal hopefuls, is expected to received a decision on her doping case, which will impact her status for Tokyo, on Monday. (Paulo

Taal Volcano’s Alert Level Status Lowered Despite Possible Eruption Scenario
(Jan 2020) A local agency in the Philippines has lowered the alert level status of the Taal Volcano in the province of Batangas. However, despite the downgraded status, agency officials warned that the threat of

Organizational Success And Survival Require Overcoming Status
Jan 28th, 2020 05:03 UTC Change can be difficult for many to embrace; however, as business executive Jack Welch famously noted, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

Where’s my tax refund? How to check on the status of your money
Jan 28th, 2020 00:39 UTC Your refund will also get back to you faster if you direct deposit it into a bank account. If you’ve sent in your return and want to check on the status of your refund, you can check on it at this

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