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Cool down with a hot Rooibos tea this summer
on 27th of Jan 2020 Provided by Independent Media Tea contains no caffeine, it is low in tannins and you can drink as much of it as you want, unlike other hot beverages that may have a diuretic effect. Picture: Pexels

Easily make hot drinks with The Pioneer Woman Kettle that’s now under $25
(Jan 2020) If you enjoy making hot beverages — especially when winter rolls around — having a kettle that’s reliable and efficient is super helpful. If you’ve been searching for one that’s affordable and easy-to

The 21 best mid-week sales on the internet
(Jan 2020) This coffee maker brews up delicious coffee and other hot beverages just like larger models, but it has a slim design that fits nicely in limited spaces. HP Stream 14″ Laptop: $209.64 at Amazon (was

We Tried 6 Varieties of Canned Chicken Noodle Soup to Find Our Favorite
(Jan 2020) It’s everyone’s (least) favorite time of year. Colds are being passed around like belated holiday presents, and hot beverages serve more to soothe throats than to warm bellies. The winter sniffles are

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