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I came into the research world because what I was reading didn’t tell the story of our people
on 25th of Nov 2020 We need more mob writing the papers, so we can move away from just being a problem

Taylor Swift talks re-recording old songs like ‘Love Story,’ new ‘folklore’ concert film on Disney+
on 25th of Nov 2020 Taylor Swift revealed it’s been the “most fun” re-recording her old songs like “Love Story” and discussed her “folklore” concert film on Disney+.

Jamie Dornan on Why ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ Is the Irish Love Story He’s Been Waiting For
on 25th of Nov 2020 Jamie Dornan was in lockdown with his family when he received a fan letter that was more than a little creepy. The star of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movies was sent “a collage of photographs of a

The true story of Thatcher’s downfall is way wilder than ‘The Crown’
on 25th of Nov 2020 But here, too, the show barely scratches the surface of the Conservative Party leadership contest that brought her down. Not just because the poll tax is never mentioned (Thatcher’s Conservatives were

The cockroach emoji proposal is a story about texting through the apocalypse
on 25th of Nov 2020 A slate of new emoji was announced in January. Months later, they’ve finally trickled onto most people’s phones . but in one case, it’s really more of a skitter. I’m talking about the cockroach,

As a fast-paced caper, ‘The Flight Attendant’ soars. As a story about alcoholism, well, there’s turbulence.
on 25th of Nov 2020 Watching the first few hours of HBO Max’s frantically engaging, darkly humored thriller “The Flight Attendant” (the first three episodes of which begin streaming Thursday), one begins to take on the

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