Volkswagen Id 3 A Full Blown Leap Into The Electric World That Doesn T Disappoint

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Volkswagen Adds ID.3 To WeShare Fleet In Berlin
(Nov 2020) Copyright Volkswagen ID.3 in WeShare fleet in Berlin Not only are customers waiting for the Volkswagen ID.3, WeShare would like to get some too. Volkswagen’s WeShare car-sharing system

Tesla again hints at compact EV hatchback to rival Volkswagen ID 3
(Nov 2020) Roadster supercar and Cybertruck pick-up – a more affordable model than the Model 3 will be crucial to ensure that the brand can compete on real terms with the new Volkswagen ID 3 and Peugeot e-208

Volkswagen ID.3 Acting Up? This Guy Shows Us Some DIY Fixes
(Nov 2020) The Volkswagen ID.3 is continued proof that EVs are difficult. As CR reported, new tech typically leads to new issues. Here’s some advice for new owners.

Tesla Gets A Massive Beating In EV Sales From VW ID.3 And Audi e-tron In Norway And The Netherlands
(Nov 2020) Last year, sales of the Tesla Model 3 reached a fever pitch in the Netherlands and Norway. Fast forward 12 months and sales have taken a nosedive, while the VW ID.3 takes over as the latest must-have

Confirmed: Volkswagen ID.4 Matches Its Estimated Range
on 25th of Nov 2020 Volkswagen’s all-new electric SUV, called ID.4 , will arrive in Canada early next summer (in very limited numbers at first), but there are still a few details to clarify. Most importantly, are the 400

Tanner Foust’s Track Time With The VW ID.4 EV
(Nov 2020) The answer is “no” if you watch a recent Volkswagen video featuring Tanner Foust. The racing and stunt driver as well as VW brand ambassador hits the Horse Thief Mile track at California’s Willow

On The Heels Of The VW ID.3, Tesla Hints At Compact EV Hatchback Rival
(Nov 2020) If Tesla is to stay true to its mission, a smaller, less expensive EV is coming. How about a compact hatchback to rival the Volkswagen ID.3?

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