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‘Reclaiming Her Time’ is a Maxine Waters biography with as much panache as its subject
(Oct 2020) Eric Thomas are here to tell you in their new book, “Reclaiming Her Time: The Power of Maxine Waters.” This political biography — that’s anythin

Who was Max Jacob? A poet, friend of Picasso and, a new biography shows, a man who defied easy labels
(Oct 2020) Who was Max Jacob? That’s the question poet and University of Chicago professor Rosanna Warren circles around in this detailed, nearly 600-page biography, a project she has worked on for more than 30

Corbin Reiff Discusses Writing Posthumous Biography of Chris Cornell
(Oct 2020) It’s not easy to write a book. To pen a biography of, say, a celebrity-artist like Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, it takes hundreds of hours of research. You have to find the right macro- and

Look inside US Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ comic book biography
(Oct 2020) Publisher TidalWave is continuing its Female Force series of biographical comic books about important women with a biography of current United States Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, running

THOMA COLUMN | Laying it down in a flawed biography
on 26th of Oct 2020 Some years ago, I heard a radio interview with the author of a biography of Gene Mauch and thought: A good biography of Mauch would be fun to read. It took almost five years for Mel Proctor’s “The

There’s an Aaliyah Biography Set for Release in 20201 That Includes Details About Her Relationship With R. Kelly
(Oct 2020) Aaliyah and R. Kelly and married when she was underage. Aaliyah’s family has always denied her relationship with Kelly but a new book promises to prove otherwise.

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