Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

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Students team up with NASA to tests tools for Artemis
Sep 18th, 2020 10:05 UTC Student teams from around the country have partnered with NASA to test prototype tools for upcoming Artemis missions. This week, students remotely directed divers at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab to test

Keeping astronauts healthy while in space, goal of UH research
(Sep 2020) The team’s research will drastically expand the forecast of GCRs from hours to centuries using a variety of data sources.

What We Still Don’t Know About Dark Matter
(Sep 2020) It takes tens-to-hundreds of millions of years to form the first stars; clumps of matter exist long before that, however. When we look out at the Universe, we have two general ways to try and make

What the International Space Station teaches us about our future in space
(Sep 2020) A collaboration among international space agencies, this laboratory offers a glimpse into the origins of the cosmos and the possibilities of future spaceflight.

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